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Subj: Re: Anything can lead to an impeachment...
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 11:24:48 pm EST (Viewed 305 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Anything can lead to an impeachment...
Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 at 08:49:04 am EST (Viewed 312 times)

    Was sort of wondering where you were.

Only "sort of"? Well, it's nice to be (sort of) missed!

    A constant beat of drums to go after Clinton again and reaffirming the conservative soup du jur of the day in Uranium One. Both of which the DoJ has announced they are reopening a look into those things.

That's it? That's all you have regarding Trump "turning the FBI into an attack dog that does the president's wishes"? This justifies "scary times" that are "pretty scary" and "should scare everybody"?

We have one politician accusing another politician of doing something illegal, and asking for an investigation. This isn't new, and shouldn't scare you personally. It's been happening since the very first U.S. administration formed under Washington. It's been happening in other governments long, long before then. Human nature is that, once political factions are formed, to trust those within one's own faction, while distrusting those in a rival faction.

I would be much more willing to understand your being scared by scary times that are pretty scary which should scare everybody if we see punishments unfairly administered after seriously questionable trials. But we've seen no indication of that in this case.

Besides...I thought Russia was America's double serious #1 enemy at the moment. I thought investigating Russian influence in our governmental process is the most pressing issue of our times. Is it 100% unwarranted to have questions when Russians give massive sums of money to the fund controlled by the Secretary of State at the same time uranium deals are being made?

I want to know how Russia tried to effect the 2016 election. And I also want to know if payments of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation by business men connected with the Uranium One deal had any impact on that deal's approval. You certainly want answers on the former, but you're scared if someone wants answers on the latter. Other than the political party of those involved in each one, why is that? This is not a rhetorical question, I am interested in further insight from you.

    These may not be a big deal if Trump had not been demanding that it be done since the election was pretty much over.

    Also, the constant attack by Trump and his lackies on the FBI and DoJ.

Why do you so frequently use insulting terms such as "lackies" and "cronies" when referring to people you disagree with politically? It doesn't present the picture of an unbiased, open mind seeking truth.

    I am sure that you are cool with it,

Are you "sure", or are you guessing?

    but it is not a good look to seemingly replace the folks investigating you and replacing career people with whatever cronies can be found.

    Like I said, supporting law enforcement as convenient and politically useful is pretty much Trump's m.o.

Not really pertinent to the point of the discussion, but you shouldn't say "du jour of the day", as you do above. It translates to "of the day of the day", which is redundant and repetitive.

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