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Subj: Re: Looking at some of the early polling...
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 03:22:41 pm EST (Viewed 707 times)
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    From my understanding, the Democratic National Convention was fixed more towards Hillary's favor, so it should have been Bernie against Trump. Sadly, I don't think that Bernie would have won, but he would at least have run against Trump. I think that the Democrats and Republicans both chose the worst possible candidates to face off against one another, two of which are perfect displays of what are exactly wrong with both parties. I think that if the Democrats went with someone else, then Trump wouldn't be in office. I remember hearing discussion about Biden running. Although I don't really care for liberal candidates, I think that he would have beaten Trump, and he obviously would be doing a much better job. I really don't see why they chose Hillary Clinton. As it is now, Trump has pretty much tainted the presidency for seemingly ALL of the future presidents (And he clearly doesn't care.). It's really going to be hard to come back from this one.

Hillary was shown to possibly be the only Democratic party member to lose directly to Trump...most of the other possible polled better head to head vs. Trump. She was polled as fairly strong against the other republican possible though. Maybe they thought trump had no shot?

Either way agree...except for a few things I agree with Trump on...he's making a joke of our government.

Whatever Putin has on Trump must be pretty bad.