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Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 at 11:11:26 am EST (Viewed 704 times)
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      One standard being that because a media source can and has been wrong in the past than they are always wrong. This again is one directional for them.

    This is a completely fair and true statement. I think it's also a fair and true statement though that the media/news net-works/papers/etc...have some ways to go to regain the publics trust in them.

I think that is true, but I am not sure it is possible with a specific effort to undermine them at every turn either. People should be skeptical of anything they hear, but it does not mean they should dismiss it out of hand. Which is happening to varying degrees.

    It seems every news report now is personal commentary. Where in the past the news was presented just as fact. And then AFTERWARDS they reporters would say something like...and now for my personal commentary.

It depends a little on the network, but I would agree that cable news and other platforms are more opinion than substance. There is something of a fine line, as I do not have issues with reporting facts and then having an expert in the given matter give the implications and such and a bit of opinion based on those.

I have more issue with how many opinion shows there are muddying the waters. Fox News was sort of the master of this but MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and whomever else are all guilty as well to varying degrees.

I think I would add that the rise of actual fake news is a major problem. It takes advantage of people's bias to support what they already want to believe. This is a major problem. And I do not mean news that makes people upset, I mean news that is outright just wrong on the facts.

    I think it's why its so easy to say "fake news" because the news is present as ONLY the reports personal commentary. I think they can get their message across by just presenting the FACTS and then drawing their conclusions afterwards. It shows their bias...but it also shows their reasoning behind their bias to the point that the public can see that the information presented backs up the reporter despite his/her admitted bias.

I suppose, but we also need to consider that "fake news" used in the context that Trump enjoys is pretty much any story that is against him. Based in reality and the facts or not. Alternative facts or not.

I think what you are pointing out with how many commentary shows etc. there are is a problem for sure. It is the issue with having a 24 hour news cycle and struggling for things to cover.

I would also add that political issues are demeaned in many respects on these shows. We hear opinions of a guy on the right vs a guy on the left arguing. But how well do we know the issue?

I feel it is much better to explain an issue, bring in some experts to discuss the issue, the facts around it, the issue in question and based on the best available data what should be done. After that, having different people debate on the best thing to do is fine, but I feel like for even hot button issues the news just assumes that everybody is in a camp.

I would love to hear shows discussing the evidence of various things in an even manner. How many misconceptions are just built in to our system now. Just bring up abortion, guns, climate change or what have you and it is a fight right away. Many have their minds made up but it would be telling to actually have everything put out there in some manner and gone over.

Cherry picking is something that hurts the public knowledge. Not everybody does it for nefarious purposes but too many do.

    Then again maybe I expect too much from my media as well as those watching it being able to see the truth presented this way.

No, I think this is fair and the media deserves criticism. I just doubt that Trump and those backing him are the neutral arbiters of truth to demand reform from them in the first place.

I totally agree that the 24 hour news cycle has lead to many problems. Opinions being shown say 20 + hours of the day is a problem. You hear the opinion or spin more than you hear the actual facts on the issue.

That said, I think they would help their cause a bit with having people in the given field providing either opinion or evaluation instead of making everything a horse race political issue. It is fine to have political leanings, but it is good for any of us to question those things from time to time.

And I think the internet in particular, and ideological driven news (Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC and the whole alternate conservative media in addition to others) really hurts this cause. It also did quite a bit to drive the wedge that we see now. All of it is based on people's biases in the first place. We like hearing people agree with us. And that is not good for any level of critical thought.

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