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Subj: Re: The horrors of Donal Trump
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 11:18:32 pm EST (Viewed 440 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The horrors of Donal Trump
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 03:14:21 am EST (Viewed 792 times)


      I see your tactic throughout your post is to engage in whataboutism. To say someone else did something you think is as egregious as Trump and somehow that absolves Trump of his failures. It does not.
    You are incorrect. I am not saying if someone else before Trump did something similar that it absolves him of his failures. His flaws stand on their own regardless of what others have done. What I am doing however, is provide support for my theory that for you, the issue is not the issue. The issue for you is that the politician you preferred did not win an election. You are starting from the point that Trump is wrong, and looking at every issue to see how you can pin that predetermined point to it.

You can theorize whatever you want about me, but it's wholly irrelevant. Who is lodging a complaint and why that person is lodging the complaint has nothing to do with the merits of the complaint, which stand on their own. To say that the complaints are only legitimate if that person complains about everyone who has ever done something similar is ridiculous. That would require one to spend all of his time monitoring everyone and everything then constantly posting that monitoring to some forum to prove his bonafides. Such a person does not exist.

Also there's a point you're not seeing here. It's not that Trump has done something stupid of horrible here or there. It's that Trump has done all of these things. If Obama or other presidents had done two or three of the less outrageous things I've put forth here, maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal. All of them together though shows a horror of egregiousness seen only by the worst American presidents in history. And as bd2999 states, I wasn't even being comprehensive.

So I'm not going to address all your rebuttals relying on whataboutism, much of which holds politicians to ridiculously low standards. However, I will address one point that you specifically asked for...

    2 - I had zero problems with Obama nominating Panetta. That wasn't whataboutism, and it wasn't meant to distract from Trump. I was providing a prior example to demonstrate that what Trump did was not unique.

    However...your selective outrage continues to show. How is it that you had no complaints to share about the top guy running the U.S. secret foreign intelligence agency having no experience in espionage, but it's a horror when an undersecretary of agriculture lacks experience? This isn't a rhetorical question. I would love to get your answer on this. Why did the latter situation prompt you to post your displeasure, but the former didn't? If you ignore the rest of this entire post, and just answer this one question, I'd be fine with that.

There are a lot of assumptions you're making here that are erroneous. First of all, I don't regularly post on the Community board so you're not going to dig up a lot of posts by me here compared to other Alvaro boards. Second, there was controversy at the time Panetta was appointed as CIA Director, and I happened to think he was a bad choice. Third, Panetta did have two years of service as a military intelligence officer so your claim that he had zero experience is incorrect. Fourth, Trump doesn't nominate two or three people who have no experience. He nominates too many to name, although I already gave you a long list of poor appointment and several are there.

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