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When I first started looked I sort of fell into the world of it through the internet. Reading articles and the like.

That was one I found after the fact, or an older version of it that gives a heads up.

It really depends on your goals more than anything and what you already have put away for security and the like. Do you have a 401k, looking to put in an IRA or just an account to grow and have a bit more put away doing things?

I do recommend looking into Vanguard or similar companies indexed funds more than individual stock trading. They perform much better and have lower fees. Vanguard started it, but there are others doing it now.

They are good for retirement accounts, but they have a few other investment types that help with regards to just growing wealth. I think they are called Life Strategy mutual funds, they are different blends of stocks and bond index funds that attempt to be an all in one portfolio.

I have had good experience with Vanguard.

I will say a caution though, diversifying income is a good goal or having your money do more for you. Getting rich (not saying you are going for that) is difficult and is more about luck and timing than anything. If you are just getting into it, and the market behaves to historical norms, than the indexed funds will outperform individually managed funds and get about a 7% return on average (hopefully per year) and you do not lose much to fees.

You will pay taxes on investments but generally they are not too bad unless you have large numbers. And when withrdrawn, the longer you have the money in the market the lower the rate you pay on things anyway.

Also keep in mind that many funds have an account minimum. Say $1 to 5k depending on what we are talking about.

I would strongly recommend indexed funds, particularly if you are planning on having the account for five or so years. There are some that even specialize in dividends. At the start they just sort of feed in but if you have enough money invested than you could eventually get some nice checks from those sources. Although being patient is key, unless you have a fair bit of money upfront.

would be to start now or ASAP. Regardless of what your in goal is, the longer the money is invested the more it will grow and get the benefits of compounding interest.

It is the whole basis of the retirement system. But even if you are just looking for wealth growth, the longer it sits the better.

And I think I said it, but patience is key. Depending on your goals and time frame than leave the money in there. If you are younger than riding out bad turns in the market is advisable to pulling it and taking a loss. And putting money in consistently, say each month or paycheck, helps to average out buying high one month or year and low the following.

Think of it as a long game more than anything else. By all means keep an eye on things and if you do not like how things look after a period than maybe look into other types of investments (although Indexed funds get around that mostly).

If you are interested in making some money in more risky ways than you can invest in individual stocks or higher risk mutual funds but I would only do that once you have other investment avenues and emergency savings under control.

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