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 How many gang members DON'T criminal backgrounds? Do you seriously think that gang members don't go to prison, or that they follow laws? Gang members, by definition, obtain their guns UNLAWFULLY! Check this article out, while it's not a smoking gun, they more or less do conclude that most guns in crimes are not obtained by legal means. So, yes, there are further studies and articles that state this.

to something unrelated. It really depends on the nature of the gang we are talking about, how sophisticated and so on. Most street gangs have criminal records.

That still does not mean they would not be able to acquire guns. They could just go to a gun show at present and say they could pass a background check, or buy a gun online. They could even have somebody without a record get one for them.

None of that changes the fact that making it harder for them to get weapons should be a goal. And decreasing the number of weapons in circulation is the major way of doing it.

Other countries with far fewer gun crimes have the same issues you are pointing out without the gun problem.

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