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Subj: Re: No, Ridiculous.
Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 at 07:46:53 am EST (Viewed 713 times)
Reply Subj: Re: No, Ridiculous.
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 08:04:17 pm EST (Viewed 670 times)


      The point that you're completely missing is that your "cure" is worse than the "disease."
    Nobody is saying that anything is a cure, it was to point out that guns can't prevent mass shootings if mass shootings occur in places where people DON'T have guns! Because the victims are defenseless and unarmed, hence the mass shooters target them because they, you know, WANT to kill people.

The obvious corollary to your point is to arm people in these places for self-defense, right? What else would be your point? Of course we just found out that there was an armed security guard at the Florida school shooting and the armed guard neither deterred the shooting in the first place nor stopped the shooter.


      Your solution to gun violence is to arm everywhere like police stations? Greaaaat.
    Ridiculous, I never said that. It's pretty obvious that these things occur in places without much security.

Then what's your solution?


      And what's wrong with that? Your entire argument consists of privileging ownership of guns over the fact that 30,000+ Americans die from guns every year, a rate far, far higher than any first world country. Is gun ownership worth that to you? 80+ lives a day?
    What's wrong  with the war on drugs? If you're asking if making drugs illegal solved anything, not only did it not not help, it filled our prison with nonviolent drug users (Including medical marijuana.) and addicts, and there's also the fact that you can still get drugs INSIDE prison! And if Prohibition didn't work, why do you think that gun bans do (And they actually DID have a decade-long assault ban.)?

Because gun bans do work elsewhere. You yourself stated earlier that if there were very few guns, there be far fewer instances of gun violence. Handguns are banned in Japan. Japan has more than one third the population of the United States. Japan had 6 gun deaths in 2014. The United States had 33,599!!!

Also, drugs aren't guns. I'm for legalizing marijuana and regulating it. I am also for heavily regulating guns, not completely banning them.

    Also, you're being disingenious when you say priviledged gun ownership, guns have been legal for Centuries.

I have no idea what you're talking about here.

    And most of those 30,000 deaths are not homicides, most are suicides (Suicide is not a crime.)  and many of them are self-defense or accidents. And yes, just because people MISUSE guns doesn't mean that other people can't or shouldn't have them. Alcohol kills thousands per year too, but there's no hatred for that.

First, of course there is hatred for the deaths caused by alcohol. It's not a coincidence that Mothers Against Drunk Driving uses the acronym MADD. Alcohol is also pretty heavily regulated. You can't drink until 21 however you can buy guns before age 21. There are obviously strict laws against driving while drunk. And of course people misusing guns is a perfectly legitimate reason for other people not having them. If most people had a nuclear weapon, they probably wouldn't misuse it either, but that's not a reason that people should be able to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. If products are easily misused, then they are defective. All you are arguing here is that widespread gun ownership is worth over 30,000 people dying every year.

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