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Subj: Re: No, Still Ridiculous.
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 No, you're setting up strawmen and trying to apply logic to things that don't have any logic.

The obvious corollary to your point is to arm people in these places for self-defense, right? What else would be your point? Of course we just found out that there was an armed security guard at the Florida school shooting and the armed guard neither deterred the shooting in the first place nor stopped the shooter.>
 No, the obvious corollary was that you can't say that guns have never stopped a mass shooting when almost all mass shootings happen when only the shooters themselves have guns. And yes, arming people in these places (NOT teachers, the proper people!) is a good way to go about lessening these things. Also, schools can be on lockdown, installed with metal detectors and a bunch of other safety precautions can be taken.

Then what's your solution?>

  There is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Because gun bans do work elsewhere. You yourself stated earlier that if there were very few guns, there be far fewer instances of gun violence. Handguns are banned in Japan. Japan has more than one third the population of the United States. Japan had 6 gun deaths in 2014. The United States had 33,599!!!>

 Does Japan have our same culture, economic circumstances, laws and oh yeah, a  Bill Of Rights?  And they did have a ban on many assault weapons in the past, it didn't really have much of an effect, and DC had a 30-year-old ban on handguns. Since the Washington gun control law passed, violent crime there has gone UP, even though America's murder rate dropped. Also, there was a gun ban in Illinois once, but that was later deemed Unconstitutional. And there are some towns and cities that mostly require you to have guns, The comments about the drug war was how that didn't work out for drugs and alcohol.

First, of course there is hatred for the deaths caused by alcohol. It's not a coincidence that Mothers Against Drunk Driving uses the acronym MADD. Alcohol is also pretty heavily regulated. You can't drink until 21 however you can buy guns before age 21. There are obviously strict laws against driving while drunk. And of course people misusing guns is a perfectly legitimate reason for other people not having them. If most people had a nuclear weapon, they probably wouldn't misuse it either, but that's not a reason that people should be able to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. If products are easily misused, then they are defective. All you are arguing here is that widespread gun ownership is worth over 30,000 people dying every year.>

 Now you're being ridiculous again with the Nuclear Weapon example. No one outside of the Government is going to get a Nuke, guns have been part of the Constitution for centuries. I'm sure that there is outrage over all of the alcohol-related deaths and crimes, but no one is talking about banning alcohol. Are MADD calling for alcohol bans or for people not to be able to drink or buy alcohol? To my knowledge, they're just targeting Drunk Driving. And I'm sure that you know this, but there are obviously strict laws against shooting and killing people, too. And people misuse all types of products. They misuse cars, knives, alcohol, sleeping pills, cell phones and a bunch of other stuff that causes death or harm to others or themselves. You can't penalize a perfectly law-abiding person from getting a gun just because someone else misuses it anymore than you can prevent someone who obtained a driver's license from driving because other people drive recklessly. There are some people who are not allowed to drive, and there are some people (Like convicted felons.) who can't have guns. If most people are able to responsibly handle guns, the problem is not with guns themselves. And again, most gun deaths are suicides. Suicide is obviously bad, but  it's not illegal. It's also very common among the elderly, who are often very sick and weak.

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