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      And yet that is still more than the 6 gun deaths in all of Japan in 2014. Think about that. Japan has one third the population of the U.S. and had 6 gun deaths in a whole year.
    I'm not going to pretend to be an expert here or on Japan, but I guess that the argument can be maid that Japan is a richer and more prosperous country.

Not really.


      But they do get restricted from cars if they are drunk.>
    People get restricted from guns if they're drunk, too.

"Tennessee is one of four states, along with Arizona, Georgia and Virginia, that recently enacted laws explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars. (Eighteen other states allow weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.)" So, not so much.


      And guns should get restricted far more, for example, from people who have zero training with guns. People can only operate cars if they pass a driving test. Guns kill more people than cars now. People should only operate guns if they pass a gun safety course.
    I am for training, but that argument is ridiculous, also many people do go to the gun range. You're also just assuming that everyone who buys or gets a gun is going to USE it, many people have never even used their guns (Neither have many cops either, for that matter.). Also, plenty of people either get into or cause accidents
    driving, EVEN THOUGH they passed their driving test!

You're being illogical. The point is that driving tests create a barrier to people who don't know how to drive from accessing cars. Accidents happen DESPITE that. People are not forced to take a mandatory gun safety course right now even though guns are deadlier than cars. And I don't know what you're talking about with regards to cops. Cops go through intensive training on how to use guns and of course they use guns in practice. My stepfather is a cop. I should know. Cops may never have to fire a shot through their whole career, but they certainly are trained to know how to shoot and how to maximize safety with the weapon.


      You seem oblivious to the fact the euthanasia is a huge debate in itself. In any case, I'm for euthanasia but even an affirmative case for euthanasia would call for a far more humane, less painful method>
    First of all, no, I am not oblivious. I did my High School paper/thesis on Euthanasia (And I'm an old fart now.). But I was saying that suicide is NOT ALWAYS something that is considered bad in ALL CASES!

Euthanasia is a different subject


      My best friend in seventh grade tried to commit suicide using his father's gun. I found him twitching on the ground. He became a vegetable and only died when his father pulled the plug months later.>
    I am very sorry to hear that. I went through a time when I was suicidal as well. I can see why you have a hatred towards guns, but I do think that it's clouding your thinking on this topic a bit (But it's understandable.).

I don't hate guns. I grew up in Arkansas and was surrounded by guns the first two decades of my life. My stepfather collects guns. I took my daughter shooting at a range when she was 11 because I thought she should know what it's like to shoot a gun and how to use one. One doesn't need to hate guns to recognize that there are way too many guns in the United States and that's what's responsible for the ridiculously high rate of gun deaths in this country.


      You seem oblivious to the fact that the more guns out there, the easier it is for criminals to obtain them.
    No, I was saying that most gun owners are not the problem and that it's not fair to penalize them.

And most people don't overdose and die on illicit drugs so those who do die shouldn't be held against people who don't die?


      I'm arguing for more restrictions on guns that would lead to less gun ownership.
    Yes, so you want LESS guns! Thank You for saying and admitting it. If you do, that's fine.

That's not a mystery. I've been saying so from the outset.


      After a mass shooting in 1996, Australia vastly tightened gun restrictions. It hasn't had a mass shooting since. I'm not arguing for a ban so stop using that straw man. There are very clear sensible restrictions that numerous industrialized countries have that work. We know they work because their gun death rate is a magnitude below that of the U.S.>
    There are sensible restrictions, of course. Australia is different. Does Australia have a Second Amendment?

If the Second Amendment is responsible for 30,000+ deaths a year, then the Second Amendment should be amended.

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