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Subj: Re: Different race's - advantage in sports.
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 at 09:40:54 am CST (Viewed 643 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Different race's - advantage in sports.
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      The lack of evidence I believe they are referring to deals with the racist notion that this selective breeding was intended and/or had the effect of lowering the intelligence of the offspring. Which, certainly there is no evidence that I am aware of. However, to your common sense take on the physical impact...the evidence is obvious. In terms of speed and strength the African American athlete is unbelievable. How else do you account for 13% of the population having north of 65% representation in sports where physical speed and strength are critical, namely American football and basketball.

    Thanks for that. I was legitimately having difficulty following the conversation. But yes, how indeed do you account for those percentages? It is really telling if you look at it. Basketball is a very tiring and physical game despite being non-contact sport and I did play it at university in my youth and I can say I did find it absolutely exhausting. American Football is just something else entirely. Brutal!

And Hockey isn't? And rugby isn't? And tennis matches in a blazing sun isn't an endurance feat?

There are all sorts of statistics supporting all sorts of false assumptions about one race being mentally or physically superior.

As the old saying goes there are lies....there are damn lies...and then there are statistics.

The belief or thought that one race is smarter or stronger or faster or part of why things like racism exist. One group feels superior than another, and with very little true evidence.