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Subj: Atheist turned believer
Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 at 05:03:35 pm EDT (Viewed 871 times)
Reply Subj: Religion - your beliefs?
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I don't think anything has nailed it yet, but I think the egg by Andy Weir is the closest.

In my mind, I thought how beautiful and ordered it would be if we were different reincarnations of each other, going around and around again.

It's beautiful from a karma point of view, everything we do bad and good is caused by ourselves. I also thought for an all powerful being it may be boring and what better way than to keep entertained.

I do prefer Andy's interpretation. If the universe is an egg and as a species our totality would be a fetus. Every thought and applied knowledge combined over a near infinity of experiences of moral understanding would just approach being a baby deity.

I don't have a lot of regard for organised religion, I think sadly, in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and so on... people who follow these constructs have done a lot of terrible things for very wrong reasons. I cannot imagine any greater power or higher being wanting such atrocities committed in their name. So not a fan of organised religion. For the most part, but I respect the heck out of people who admit they are religious, after all, its not "cool" nowadays to be religious.

So for the longest time I was an atheist and a devout one at that. Any body who wasted their time believing in a God or Gods was an absolute fool I felt. Suffice to say some very bad shit happened, and that changed my mind a complete 180. Because the horror of simply accepting that when we die we are just worm food, or dust, depending on your preferred method of body disposal was absolutely mortifying.

So what about evidence? Well... respectfully... why would a higher being give a crap if you know they exist or not? I assume most of us regard ourselves as higher forms of life than say... the bugs in our back yards? Well, I don't care if the bugs know I exist or not. Does anybody here go out to try and prove they exist to the bugs? In the bugs' lives they probably have no evidence of a human at all. Perhaps the ability to ordain the existence of evidence of higher beings is just woefully lacking in human efforts.

I really don't think in the end it matters, whether we believe or not. But I feel bad for people who have no belief and no hope in an "afterlife". Or maybe death of the physical body is just a means where we transcend to a different plane of existence? The descriptions in religion may be wrong but the principle... who knows? Many people have near death experiences, and when they come back they explain they saw their great uncle Jeff who has been dead for 50 years etc... they get told they were hallucinating or in a state of delirium or just outright dreaming and nobody believes them. Very sad that. Or perhaps, they don't want to believe it because believing it would open them up to too many scary possibilities they'd rather not face and simple denial of the possibility is much easier. Atheism is the easy option from my point of view, you don't have to work at it at all.

So can you worship at the altar of science? AND at the altar of religion? I think you can.

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