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Subj: Re: Trump and the porn star
Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 at 09:49:08 am EDT (Viewed 685 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Trump and the porn star
Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 at 09:06:14 am EDT (Viewed 647 times)

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      But Ted Kennedy consistently was voted in as senator until his death in 2009. For over 40 years democrat voters didn't care that he killed a woman. I'm not attacking democrat voters, just showing that your claim of a high bar being lowered by Trump voters is farcical.

    And again, you mislead by not taking context into account. You say Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne as if it were homicide. It was a car accident. If you were driving a car and your wife died in an accident, even one for which you were at fault, would you label yourself a wife-killer? That's pretty absurd. He's not faulted for Kopechne's death so much as for not reporting it to authorities until 10 hours later. He pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and received a two-month suspended jail sentence. A grand jury reviewed the case and did nor refer indictments on anything. But you make it sound like voters are forgiving Kennedy of murder.

The context is he ran from the scene after driving drunk and killing his passenger. Not murder but manslaughter yes?

He then ran home to daddy nor reporting the police possibly leaving the woman to die drowning in her car. His daddy a powerful man who then took 10 hours to prepare everything before letting his son contact the police.

This is appalling. And if it had happened to anyone but a Kennedy at the time (or other influential families) their careers would be over and possible jail time at a minimum.

This IS a prefect example for one side ignoring what "theie own" do.

That said I will agree with you that many a Trump voters are doing the same. Trumps business practices bother me more than his consensual sexual ones.

To be fair, I think Sumidor's point was pretty incorrect. He said that he flat out killed her. If you want to argue that it was manslaughter than fine, but the court situation worked out.

The argument he is making is that he got away with it, so Trump should get away with things. Ironically, Trump voters have already looked at it this way. Saying he was more or less exonerated of everything through the election in the first place. Even of things the public was not aware of. They even made an argument of transformation before the Supreme Court when discussing campaign comments vs action as the president and tried to make it seem like they were distinct, even if they were acted on.

What Kennedy did was pretty bad, but I would not call it murder. Nor would I say he directly killed her. From my limited knowledge of the case. His negligence led to her death, and presumably nearly his own too. In my view he probably should have been punished more harshly than he was but that is not really for here.

I can make the same case for Trump screwing over numerous people in his business days and breaking contracts when needed and when it suited him (screwing contractors out of pay) and various shady dealings. He did not kill anybody but he has done a fair number of things that are questionable and possibly illegal.

If one is angry at Kennedy for doing something wrong than legally one would have to feel the same about Trump. Which I doubt Sumidor is.

For that matter, a better direct comparison would be Bush Jr's wife ran a woman down too. She did not run for office herself but it was rarely discussed. And most regarded her as a good person. And there are other examples of this.

If we want to argue tribalism than fair enough, but I still find that bothersiderism has major problems. It assumes both sides are always equally bad. However, depending on the period in time it is weighted one way or another. There are several good studies indicating that.

For that matter, even assuming the Ted Kennedy thing and granting all of it does no exonerate Trump. It is fairly apparent that the whole situation with the porn star were quite shady. There was intimidation and various other factors in play and also numerous lies about payments. If things were illegally done than it will be sorted out by the courts.

However, this does showcase that a fair number of underhanded and potentially illegal activities were being done. Even some of Trump's current attorney's basically indicated that this was basically hush money to avoid hurting Trump that was repaid to the lawyer by Trump. Which is sketchy or illegal depending on how things were done.

And whatever Ted Kennedy did in the late 60's has no real bearing on what Trump has done now.

Or the defense of Trump by those who claim to always be on the moral highground but support immorality when it suits them. It does not really do anything other than muddy the waters with irrelevant points to the discussion at hand.

Look Raist bunnies...
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