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Subj: Re: Atheist turned believer
Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 at 10:23:41 pm EDT (Viewed 806 times)
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    How is it 'very sad'? We know why near-death experiences and other personal religious experiences happen. We can even induce them to happen. We've gained knowledge about how the brain functions - that's great, not sad.

Its like putting a wolf in a cage. Its great we get to see the wolf, but its not so great for the wolf. You can induce things like that, sure you can, but how do you know anymore if its a genuine spiritual experience then? You don't. Therefore, they are ALL of them just odd psychedelic experiences reproducible in a laboratory.

    It's not that most atheists DON'T WANT to believe, it's that we need solid evidence in order to believe. And that just doesn't exist for the supernatural. We could no more believe in a god than the tooth fairy.

    There aren't any 'scary possibilities for us. The likelihood of going to hell or being plagued by demons is as remote for us as getting killed by an Orc or getting captured and tortured by Darth Vader. We don't lose any sleep over it.

And yet anybody who does supply any shreds of evidence or proof for anything supernatural gets explained away somehow or outright dismissed as a crank or fraudster? So, you can't really win can you? What would it take? Clouds parting and figures descending from above, old testament style miracles? I know why I am not an atheist anymore, so what would it take for other atheists to not be so?

You say about not losing sleep, I suppose you are generally not going to bed worried about dying in your sleep presently? My father was a hardened atheist, his whole life, used to laugh at his brother for going to church. On his death bed, my father prayed. Maybe he just chickened out of his convictions at the last moment...

    Please, don't feel bad for us. We were 'dead' for 13.8 billion years before we were born. Never did us any harm. So we die. That's ok. Nothing is eternal.

There is no evidence for that.

    Personally, I feel sad for the people who spend their life on their knees hoping for an afterlife or some other form of continuance which isn't going to come.

That is most considerate of you, a lot of the atheists make fun of religious people, and I don't think there is an afterlife in terms of angels and cherubs and heavenly minstrels plucking a harp. But the prospect of transferring to another plane of existence a non corporeal existence is not out of the realms of possibility. Anyway, as I say to every atheist, if we die and there is an afterlife, I'll get to say "told you so" and if there isn't you (Atheists generally) won't get to say told you so to me, so... either way... I got the best deal.

A lot of these atheists from my experience are closet believers. They argue they don't believe in any god, yet when a precious loved one is near death they'll start praying *just in case*, if things get really bad for them, they'll start cursing and arguing with a god they don't believe in... Sure, they'll argue about science this, science that, hide behind sophisticated arguments, but when the going gets rough, they all cave in. It's all part of watching the inevitable, annoying conclusion. In the interim, they'll argue so they can feel better about themselves, gain attention, try to sound intellectually superior. Those arguing with you, *laugh*. One day, you'll see.

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