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Subj: Re: Religion - your beliefs?
Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 at 12:33:37 pm CDT (Viewed 618 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Religion - your beliefs?
Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 at 10:04:12 pm CDT (Viewed 667 times)

    And again, you've shown me nothing to make me distrust the math that tells us that's what should be there. If at some point someone manages to sort out quantum gravity and prove that singularities don't exist, fair enough.

    But even so, as I said earlier, what's the difference if the matter that falls into a black hole is crushed to a singularity, or nearly to a singularity?

I don't disagree that there's much difference in terms of our bodies eventually spaghettifying past the event horizon. And I don't disagree that wormholes and human space travel seem more science fiction than what the laws of physics will allow. But I think it's fair game to conduct scientific thought experiments where our technology is lacking for actual experimentation.

And according to theoretical physics, to traverse through a wormhole, 'it would involve the discovery of particles with a negative mass and energy. Once we had this, then we would need to create a supermassive black hole and negative mass/energy counterpart. This, he says, “should allow for a traversable wormhole.”'

Now that's way, way above our technological pedigree. And you can call it foolish to go there, but then you have to attack people like Carl Sagan because he believed in superior intelligent beings (on par with gods) that evolved much further than us and had far superior technology. He even believed it worthy to check ancient civilizations' art to investigate whether they drew visits from these superior beings. He wasn't popular in the scientific community for that, but he was still operating under valid thought experiments.

And then there's this guy who suggests the possibility of advanced civilizations living in black holes.

These are reputable scientists! It's geeky as shit, I admit, but still within fair game.

    On Stephen Hawking:

    First, I just want you to know that I say this as someone who adored the man, and the immense contribution he made to science.

    1) Hawking wasn't always right. He made bets on science with other physicists, some of which he lost. His work with another of my heroes, Roger Penrose, showed the existence of singularities, and that the universe had began as one. Was he right about both points? One? Or neither? He withdrew a paper in 1985 stating that under the 'no boundaries' condition, when the universe stops expanding and begins to collapse, time would run backwards. He had to withdraw because he was proven wrong by several other physicists. He bet that the Higgs boson would never be found. I could go on...

Yeah, I know. Hawking also went off the deep end when he suggested for us to be careful of hostile aliens.

    Wormholes are shortcuts between one part of spacetime and another. In normal space, I can see how they'd work. In a region of spece where the curvature of spacetime is infinite, I can't see how they possibly could! Or even if they did, your exit would be at the same point as your entrance. Which kind of defeats the object.

I don't know either, just that there are reputable scientists doing thought experiments on the possibility.

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