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Subj: A fair bit of what you have said is nonsense...
Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 at 03:58:56 pm EST (Viewed 179 times)
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    You really have no idea how to understand any view other than your own do you?

    It is just everybody else's fault if they cannot deal with it.

I can understand other viewpoints, provided they make sense. Where I go wrong is when they don't and my logical brain cannot compute the garbled noise.

    You are also making major assumptions about people having credit cards,

A major assumption?

Using the Census Bureau estimate of 249.5 million adults in the U.S., that means there are about 189 million Americans adults with at least one credit card.

I'd be quite surprised if many federal employees, with their generous pay and benefits for their skillsets, do not have credit cards.

    ignoring the most American workers in general live pay check to pay check and that some workers have been forced to do their job for weeks without pay.

Such hypocrisy.  Now who's manufacturing a crisis?  You make it sound like we're living in the Great Depression, when this is the strongest economy we've ever had!  You blame Trump for exaggerating circumstances, and here you are, doing it yourself.

    I guess that is cool though. Or how there are problems with TSA or various other current tasks of value that the government does do. And those will increase the longer this goes.

    I know you dislike immigrants, but this is pretty low. Most of your fellows do not agree with you. I know that to you, that means they are wrong.

They are not my fellows. They are my fellow Americans, the same as all others who I expect to be fiscally responsible. And they're not hurting. You laughably act as if they're out of work with no recovery, like this is the early 20th century. But the fact is, we live is such a great country, that they get an opportunity to do no work and get reimbursed. That's mind blowing and quite a nice safety net/protection.

    And even if your guy gets his way, you still do not get the WALL. You get a few hundred miles at best. Hardly the rhetorical win.

That's why it's called an annual spending package. We just do this again and again, every year. $5.7 billion for 2019, another $5 billion in 2020, etc. It's easier to swallow than asking for $28 billion up front.

you go on a tangent about the economy after basically making a rant about people using credit cards and if they did not save it is on them.

1. About half of the 800,000 are having to work without pay. That is not right, so your lovely vacation line is flawed. They are not.

2. Mortgage, rent and so on cannot be paid by credit card, unless something major has changed. And not paying can impact credit scores and other things.

3. Not everybody has a credit card.

4. Government contractors and those working with the government will not get back pay.

5. Most people with savings have savings to help them in times of crisis, not an unplanned "vacation". If you are for personal responsibility than this is the opposite. It is government forcing a situation to punish the responsible and the irresponsible. It will take time to build up any of that. Pending what other measures are taken to potentially hurt the workers.

You lack any empathy about people. It is striking.

Look Raist bunnies...
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