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Subj: Re: Karen Pence under attack from the Left
Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 at 12:53:06 pm EST (Viewed 711 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Karen Pence under attack from the Left
Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 at 08:58:27 am EST (Viewed 575 times)

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      This is how they present the news as well when I watch them.

      They state their opinions before they are even done giving the facts. Their commentary is quite racist as well but of if its from a minority saying it.

    CNNN is certainly not sinless by any means, and I think I know what racism you mean (by any chance was the guy talking have a name that is also a fruit?)

    There are a fair number of issues that I can name off hand.

    However, it may depend on when you were watching, and the truth is WAY more messed up.

    CNN, like Fox News, and MSNBC, all have opinion shows. Hannity claims this as important for him all of the time.

    Now that in and of itself, is nothing.

    The real issue is that they start at about 5:00 on all channels. The reason is that people like opinion more than just facts, so they situate all of their viewing to start just about the time most people get off work. Then it ends after they go to sleep.

    Then it starts again in the morning, and closes about the time people go to work.

    It is really pretty messed up. Information takes a back seat to ratings. it is actually legit, since they say it is editorials, but that doesn't make it right to have the majority be as such.

Yeah it drives me nuts. Maybe I am viewing the past through rose colored glasses but I swear the news used to go a little like this:

1)They present the facts
2)They then state "This reporters take on the information"
3)Give their opinions and the reasons why

Simple and for me far more likely to sway me to their side if their arguments are logical.

Now its just 1/2 of #3...State their opinions

I think this is one reason why Trumps terms of FAKE NEWS comments resonate so strongly with people, even if not quite true.

Well, that any the general drum beat that the news is lying to and the liberal media bias has been something that has taken hold in many people's mind.

Does not matter if it is not totally true. Trump's base is very much willing to ignore all news that is not supportive of Trump. This is unusual. There have always been people in corners that would back their guy and resist things.

It is on a different level now. Even if Trump outright lies, people do not care. So we have outright lies vs some mistruths and lies are winning because they are parroted enough.

Look Raist bunnies...