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Subj: Re: A fair bit of what you have said is nonsense...
Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 at 08:28:36 am EST (Viewed 172 times)
Reply Subj: Re: A fair bit of what you have said is nonsense...
Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 at 12:28:28 pm EST (Viewed 173 times)

    And obviously, you look at statistics and make all kinds of farcical interpretations. I understand human nature and know how govvies think because I'm one of them. There are very, very few departures except in cases of retirement. It's like the Shawshank Redemption, we're institutionalized and the outside world scares us to death.

You're overgeneralization of 800,000 people is a fail. The 17% increase in job searches is real and your denial of it is just your banging your head against reality.



        Nobody with talent ever joined the government, anyway.
      Yes, you seem to be a pointed example.
    And what does that say about you when I routinely beat up your arguments?

It says that your self-professed lack of talent includes deluding yourself about who's winning our debates.


      The examples of your poor math skills continue. It's actually much less than 2%, but that doesn't change the fact that in a month, that $200 million has become $6 billion and regardless of that number's relationship to the entire federal budget, that's a significant amount of money to businesses in neighborhoods frequented by government workers.
    Like here, for example. Why call someone's math skills stupid when you're so easily proven wrong? (200,000,000 salary per day)/(4,000,000,000,000 federal budget / 261 working days in a year) = 1.31% of the federal budget.

Uh, no. The full federal budget is not entirely comprised of people's salaries. Far from it. Even your 1.31% nonsense number is 35% less than your original calculation.

    So I proved it was small. But you somehow think it's much smaller which would only serve my point even more.

You're totally missing the point. Comparing the money lost to the total federal budget is meaningless because that's just some arbitrary number you picked to minimize what's at stake. Sure, if the entire $4 trillion federal budget was removed from the economy, that would be beyond catastrophic, but removing any significant percentage of that $4 trillion can also be catastrophic.

    It must be hard on your ego to get corrected all the time.

It might be if I were corrected, but I spend most of that time correcting you.


      See your lack of math skills. Last year's first quarter showed 2.2% economic growth. 17 weeks of 0.13% contraction would completely wipe that out. We're starting our 5th week now with no signs of the shutdown ending now so we're 30% of the way there.
    First, interpretation of data is not a math skill.

LOL! Yes it is. If you can't count, you can't interpret numerical data.

    Second, 0.13% is not a lot because the effects are not being felt by the vast majority of Americans, and more importantly, this:

Huh, only something that affects the vast majority of Americans matters. Who knew? Oh yeah, that's your arbitrary rule that is absolutely false. Anyway, tell that to the government contractors who get no back pay, the air traffic controllers suing the Trump administration, and restaurant owners getting two thirds fewer customers.

    Hassett did not provide additional details about the estimates, but added that diminished spending by furloughed employees will be made up once they receive back pay after the shutdown ends, alleviating some of the damage.

Yes, "some." But what you're missing is that timing matters. People who are putting everything on their credit cards now have to pay significant interest on that money. And beyond unpaid salaries, the furloughs lead to millions of man-hours of lost productivity. Air travel is now less safe, food is now less safe, federal courts are about to run out of money, national parks are being damaged due to lack of maintenance, federal research with a time element are being ruined, and small businesses are failing to get government loans.

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