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Subj: Re: I would be careful with that Bible reading...
Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 at 10:30:48 pm EST (Viewed 240 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I would be careful with that Bible reading...
Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 at 08:36:34 am EST (Viewed 598 times)

    Oh, right, and also that you believed first amendment violation had been made.

    Which, you pretty quickly lost any ground on.

    You're a liar, Silver Surfer, and you take pride beating up on strawmen. I never said this and now you're just using dirty tactics as a crutch for your weak arguments.

This is what you said:

"Needless to say, whether you're a Christian or not, America has freedom of religion, and the Bible is pretty darn clear about it's position on the topic (or at least has a very compelling argument to believe it does). The only bigotry I see are Huffington Post liberals who do not fully support the 1st Amendment - freedom of religion."

That is a claim that a first amendment attack had been made.

YOU ARE THE LIAR. or very, very forgetful.

    Like here, for example. Nobody said anything about it being okay to hate gays, just that there's nothing wrong if a Christian school doesn't want to employ gays as Christian teachers.

    Your tactics are easily exposed, and if you keep it up, you'll just be dropped from my attention. As much as I don't care for bd2999's viewpoints, he never once used dirty tactics as a crutch to mislead others about my viewpoints.

Quaker and Episcopal schools for instance have permitted gay parents and students for decades.

What do you know, here is you calling them idiots, just like I said you did...

"And they're idiots! Haha, how can anyone stay a Christian if their religious text has verses like THIS that they don't believe in? I'll never understand how anyone can be comfortable with the contradiction; there's only one word to describe it: madness!"

And what you JUST responded to was me saying you called groups who allowed gays in idiots, NOT that anyone said it was okay hate gays.

YOUR tactics are obvious. Change the conversation, and play the victim.

Or you can't read the line you are commenting on.

    I criticized that they're weak-minded, that they don't have the mental strength to leave rather than stay but pick and choose which parts of the Bible they find acceptable. Such people cannot handle that there might not be a God and eternal life, so they latch onto whatever imperfect sacred text they can find, like a night light for bedtime.

That's not what you saaaaaaid.

    Because your argument was so lousy to begin with. You have difficulties organizing your thoughts, you go on tangents, you write 10 pages that should be more succinct, and you blame others for your handicap.

No I go into detail, to support what I say.

You just didn't have a leg to stand on, and now you are making excuses.


    For you it does. You don't respect the Bible's teachings over homosexuality, or how believers are perfectly within their moral obligations to not employ gays as Christian teachers. You hate that, and you hate the people who hold this viewpoint.

I never said it wasn't within their rights. I said it wasn't an automatic conclusion\ to say Christian + no gays.

Wow, I love watching you flounder to make any kind of point, slick.

I also never said the school couldn't hold those views (unless they take federal funding, that is a different story).

You keep claiming people are building strawmen, but you are the only one I see doing that.

Because that is one big ass scarecrow you just made.

    Eh, shut up already.

Wow, another mature well thought out response.

AS always, proof that an individual is just making noise.

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