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Subj: Re: I would be careful with that Bible reading...
Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 at 04:08:57 pm EST (Viewed 310 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I would be careful with that Bible reading...
Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 at 05:00:58 am EST (Viewed 628 times)

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    Because you and Silver Surfer ramble way too much and need to be more succinct. You cannot expect to hold a person's attention without getting to the point more quickly.

I'll grant you, we can't all be as eloquent as, "eh shut up," and that really did say it all. That you have nothing to say.

As for the length, it is a habit of people who actually think on a subject. Don't worry, you'll get there one day.

Most importantly, I'm not sure you should be admitting that is too much text to hold your attention. I'm a little embarrassed for you.

    Besides, you're an atheist, so I thought you would be quite happy that this is the case rather than arguing.

Atheism doesn't automatically mean you hate religion, or that you don't have people in your life you care about who are religious, or that you respect the teachings of a religion (and not want them used for hate).

pardon me for speaking on your behalf Bd2999.

    That's not what we're arguing, though. You need to stay on point.

You're right, the discussion was about you being upset that an opinion section had an opinion.

Oh, right, and also that you believed first amendment violation had been made.

Which, you pretty quickly lost any ground on.

I made a side comment that hating gays was not inherently Christian, and when I listed denominations with schools that accepted gay people, you called them idiots.

You criticized their religious beliefs, the same thing you were upset about happening to Karen Pence.

You then got distracted, most likely because you thought it was an easier argument to win.

You just want to argue. Not discuss. Not have a conversation. Not even make a point about anything you do or don't believe.

Not offended, that is mostly what I think. I am actually more agnostic than anything.

I very much enjoy theology and learning about it when I can. I just do not like the abuse of it to push things against the tennants of the religion in the first place.

A few versus indicating that homosexuality is wrong are used to basically ignore the teachings of Jesus. I have a big problem with that. My family is pretty religious, I respect the teachings of Jesus a great deal. I just do not think much of other parts of the Bible.

And to be fair, there are a fair bit of things that most Christians ignore, mostly from the Old Testiment. Some just do not want to overlook other parts. So, freedom to ignore parts of it and then picking up on other parts leads one to believe there is a selectivity to the picking and choosing.

Hell, I heard a woman on the news say that "Love thy neighbor" and the teachings of Jesus only applied to American citizens. It made my head hurt.

I think religion has no place in science classes and have major issues with people using it as selective justification. But people being religious or living their life in a religious way has no impact on me. Everybody can do what they want to do and be happy with it.

Look Raist bunnies...