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Subj: Re: What do you all think of the new Gillette commercial?
Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 at 02:29:19 pm EST (Viewed 185 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What do you all think of the new Gillette commercial?
Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 at 08:08:59 am EST (Viewed 219 times)


      I have not heard a woman say that. I am sure there are women who do, I just have never heard that before. I have heard women complain about many things they look for in a partner. Like a guy expecting her to wait on him and not willing to commit and various other things not being manly was not a reason that I have heard.

    I hear it all the time and you still see it in movies and commercials...the big brawny handyman the ladies look at. And yes I know this is done with lovely ladies as well, but that's another point/topic. \:\) As for hearing it...I hear it alllllll the time. And no not from my gf ;P

I am not sure that is a good example. If you look at commercials and movies than the guys are often in great shape. So are the women. It does not mean that everybody has to end up with a model or they are not happy. Most people separate things a bit.

Some women expect a potential partner to be in shape. Hell, the same is true for guys. I just do not see it as unique to women. Weight of a woman in particular is more of a hang up for guys than women, in general.

I would say height is probably the nearest I can think of for women. In generalities.


      What is masculine is as mutable as what is feminine in my view. It changes over time.

    Yes...and does this not back up what I said? The very mutability makes things harder, especially in an era where this mutability is far faster than any other centuries.

Not really, unless I read you wrong. You seem to be claiming that it is harder for guys. If they are both mutable than it should be hard either way.

And it is hard for everybody, as everybody has a slightly different standard of what they are looking for. Right or wrong. And certain things they will or will not compromise on.


      I mean I think it is common sense that guys should not just cat call at girls, or that do not do anything with somebody that is not interested. I just do not think it is offensive in the least to make a message like this. It is manly to teach kids to respect women, each other and the world around you. Does not mean you have to like everybody.

    Cat call...yeah bad, but compliments? Compliments should be fine.
    And should never do something with another persons body they don't want you to. (Example that scumbag of a nurse who preyed on his patients comatose body and made her pregnant...this is an abhorrent thing he did).

Compliments are fine, but depending on how they are said can make it complicated. Complementing somebody is usually taken well, even if not as a sexual thing.

I am sure there are exceptions, but I generally have never seen a woman get mad at somebody for saying they are pretty. I am sure that depends on the situation, who is saying it and in what context. A drunk guy at the bar is different than a compliment about an outfit etc. in a social gathering.

    As for the commercials message...I think that's exactly what I stated in my first post...there is nothing wrong with its message. I think its showing the fathers (99% of them) as complete douche bags implying men are THE PROBLEM, added to the constant negative male bashing that's become the norm. Not saying many men don't have to be taken to account on this but its become the norm to male bash.


      That should not be masculine or feminine. Should just be the way it is when raising children.

I agree. To a point, but one could make an argument that objectifying commercials about women are usually not discussed much. And sometimes it takes a smash in the face to get anybody to notice.

I mean, at least with men and women dynamics. It is more common to have men do inappropriate things to women than the other way. That does not mean that women are not bad in their own way but the ratios are skewed for sexual assault and such.

And if one watches classic movies one can see the boys will be boys aspect. No harm in teaching boys to be mature men. It should be done for both but there are responsibilities with boys in particular. Given stats being what they are.

    Don't disagree...though I have seen some very compelling evidence that its actually good to let your kids fight a little when young. Human beings are animals...not "like" animals. We ARE animals. There is something in us that drives us to compete against each other...test ourselves against others etc...the problem is the bullying and emotional issues that get wrapped up in it. I am not 100% sure what the solution is to this, though I agree bullying etc...helps no one (well it helped me in learning to fight back and stand up for myself when I was a kid, but I don't speak for everyone on that I am sure).

I am ok with competition or even some play wrestling but even animals put limits on that.

Where the limit is for that sort of activity can be hard to figure out too. And it is often on the kid getting the rough end of it. It is on the parent to realize it is a problem and not just rub some dirt on it.

Look Raist bunnies...
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