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Subj: Re: The Bible calls several things abomination...
Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 at 02:23:23 pm EST (Viewed 313 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Bible calls several things abomination...
Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 at 03:50:56 pm EST (Viewed 333 times)


      I do not recall many of Jesus's famous sermons where he goes at homosexuals. Given his track record in the Bible, he would be more likely to welcome them into the flock than anything else. He does so with prostitutes and others that have been outcast or committed sins.

    He welcomed people into his flock if they changed their ways and joined him. You horribly misrepresent his mingling with sinners that, instead of building a bridge for them to walk over and join, he was pardoning their behaviors to continue as they were. That's just not true.

Is that why he offered aid to sinners or outcasts with no "do this or else"? Seems to me, he did the right thing and then offered them something.

And no I am not, your position is that the people have a right to toss these people aside if they do not agree with them. That is not what Jesus would do. Nor is it what scripture even says.

All sins are forgiven through Jesus. And Jesus also made clear that the judge was God of people's sins. Very clear. So, if a person is judging somebody else's sins and sinful themselves than they are just as guilty in the first place.

I am sorry, but that is flat out what is stated. You do not have to like it.


      It is in there but there are a number of things condemned that modern Christians do not pay much mind to, what makes homosexuality special then?

    It's not. I grew up attending church and I can tell you, I've never heard a sermon devoted to homosexuality once. In fact, homosexuality was hardly mentioned as it was just assumed that everyone knew what the Bible's position was.

    There's something you just don't get and I'll give you a perfect analogy. Any church will accept a drunkard into their fold, but if that drunkard is always coming to church with alcohol on his breath and saying there's nothing wrong with being a drunkard - it's his lifestyle choice - he will not remain a church member for long. If, on the other hand, he struggles with drunkenness but rejects it's okay and tries to refrain, the church wouldn't dismiss him but pray and work with him continuously.

    You see, you act like homosexuality has some big X on its back but that's just not the case. You ignore other scenarios where a church would have a problem accepting an unrepentant member into its fold. It's just that these situations aren't as common/newsworthy.

Is that why religious conservatives so often demand the right to treat homosexuals different than other people? It seems like they are picked out, both by you and people in your mindset.

If what you are saying in the other parts is true, than why would Christians basically look for a right to treat gays differently? The whole point would be not to give up on somebody, not to toss them away when it becomes easiest for you.

Which is what this largely boils down to. Christians pointing this sort of thing are focusing on small sections of the Bible that are fairly unimportant in the general context. All the while ignoring similarly worded things that they find ridiculous.

So, like I said a ways up, they are being hypocritical and selective in their theology.

Hardly seems that Jesus would turn his knows up at gay people and treat them as less than people either. Particularly a characteristic that he apparently created to begin with.

Also keep in mind, people are determining absolute truth out of a book written at least second hand a long time after Jesus died and the writings are not consistent with one another in the first place. Even in major aspects of Jesus's life. Not a theological argument but one that makes the any individual messages less important than the overall theme of Jesus.

Forgiveness of God. Whatever the views of the writer would seep in and they do. There is also reason that certain books are considered cannon and not others. They supported the position of church leaders or those in power at the time.

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