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Subj: Are you sure about that?
Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 at 06:36:24 am EST (Viewed 350 times)
Reply Subj: Politics isn't a comic book.
Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2021 at 11:36:36 am EST (Viewed 368 times)

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Yes ignore the first ever deadliest attack to occur at our nations capitol. The Democrats should be airing footage of Trump actions and words right before the death and destruction began and ask these simple words:

Where was the Commander, I mean the Terrorist in Chief when the violence took place? Where was the guy who too an oath to protect the U.S. from all enemies foreign and domestic?

LGDB: I mean yes basically. The relevant law enforcement agencies should investigate and prosecute anyone culpable. My point is that this shouldn't be the nucleus of Democratic politics because as traumatic as the event was for some, it's consequences were at a material level very low, and whether or not the Republicans are bad or Trump is deplorable doesn't speak to the needs of the American people. That's how parties win elections: by building coalitions based on the material interests of their constituents. This PR only gets you so far. Again. The Virginia gubernatorial race is often understood as a bellwether for the following midterms. There were some particulars there that don't scale, but Terry McAuliffe's campaign was almost entirely about trying to connect Youngkin to Trump, which failed. And btw it failed with upper middle class white swing voters who are the most susceptible to Trump disgust messaging.

Keep reaching because there is absolutely no precedent in American history to support your claim.

LGDB: what are you talking about no precedent? Was any one prosecuted for lying about WMDs in Iraq, or Iran Contra, or the Gulf of Tonkin, or our complicity in the East Timor ethic cleansing? The idea that you don't think there's historical precedent for American leaders not being held legally accountable for their crimes is I think fundamentally divorced from reality.

You always attempt to change the narrative don't you LGDB? In every post you write to downplay the significance of what just occurred on American soil and ignore that it can't happen again with a different outcome. I know your smarter than that, aren't you? Then you put Democrats and yourself in the same sentence but it's clear where your loyalty is placed.

LGDB: yes. I attempt to change the narrative from a partisan, ideological, disproportionate narrative to one that cares more about the welfare of the American people than it does about preserving the simplistic moralist narrative that the Democrats are the good guys and the Republicans are the bad guys.

And that's absolutely true. I have loyalty to the American people and the Working class generally. Anyone loyal to the Democrat party over the people is by definition adversarial to the Democracy. There is no way that I see to square party loyalty with principles of democracy.

I don't deny things like Jan 6 was a disaster and disgraceful and that Trump is responsible. What I refuse to do is pretend that this is significant relative to ACTUAL material politics. And I am telling you if libs run on this they can look forward to a future of losing elections in perpetuity. You're not going to be able to continuously rely on Trump bungling a historically unprecedented crisis to squeak by electorally. If you care about the things you say you care about, then you can't just dismiss whether losing elections is more important than your own vanity politics.

You should be more skeptical of the leaders that you think represent you, because I promise you they don't have the same interests as you. You want to see the Democrat party win elections and succeed in enacting a legislative agenda you agree with (I hope). But most of the Democrat leadership has proven far more interested in protecting its own material interests and maintaining its grip on the party that about party's success in legislating or even win election. They're perfectly content to be the perpetual election, because they can enrich themselves and their donors regardless. You go along uncritically with the political PR of the Dem establishment at your own peril. And sadly at everyone else's peril as well.


Not like a comic book?

I hear a lot of dramatic talk about how the they are combating an existential evil, and they are the only ones that can save the country from ruin.

Not to mention constantly fighting the same battles over and over again.

I'm just saying, you might want to tell our elected officials, and a sizable minority of both major political parties that,

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