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Laff. Stop bluffing. Explain how it was poorly set up. Educate me.

1) Your set up is very hard to measure and ill-defined. You are defining "unethical" as the desire to abolish the Senate? Without questioning why that would be unethical? Furthermore, some folks may want to abolish the Senate, but then replace it with something they think is better for society. do you differentiate between Democrats who are anti-Senate and Democrats who are for changing the Senate? If you said "democrats don't support democracy", then came up with a test, that would be easier to measure.

2) You didn't have a control group. Very beneficial for instances like this. What if I measured anti-democratic tendencies in the whole population, and analyzed and measured responses across the political spectrum. Would Republicans also display similar behavior/tendencies? You should sample the whole population, not just Democrats. Otherwise you introduce bias.

3) You also need a way to attribute one's political affiliations to their responses. And make sure there aren't other factors influencing particular responses. Correlation does not equal causation. Isolate the political affiliation and see if it's a factor.