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Subj: Except that various kinds of pantheism appear all over the Judeo-Christian conventional metaphysical tradition.
Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2022 at 07:14:33 pm EST (Viewed 209 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So where did you guy's stand on the Rogan / Young Spotify war?
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    Neil You is not an atheist. He identifies as a pantheist, which is a belief that all things in the universe constitute God. It is about as far from being an atheist as you can get.

    I like that you seem very confident when you are wrong.

“…pantheist, which is a belief that all things in the universe constitute God.”

This is on the same level as saying a transwoman is a real woman in defiance of biology. Saying it or wrapping a definition around it doesn’t change the definition of what constitutes a deity.

Let me break this down for you democrats: If you say that your car is a god but don’t necessarily believe that it is sentient, alive, or has powers above any other car, etc. - then it’s basically like believing a transwoman is a biological woman. It’s as nonsensical as observing the temperature of cucumbers to conclude on the number of bananas. Which is actually what I often observe that democrats do.

Both Spinoza and Bishop Berkley were pantheists for instance who both were highly influential to Jewish and Christian cosmology and apology. Pantheism isn't oppositional to the existence of God. In fact, the existence of God is essential to pantheism. The difference between it and let's say a conventional theism is just about God's relationship to the universe, material world, or world of experience. I think you could actually argue that if all of the material world is subsumed by God (in his omnipresence) that articulates a kind of pantheistic position. Perhaps you should read more about this stuff before you break it down. Or maybe you could just explain to me how it is that this doesn't makes sense (like how pantheism and atheism are somehow commensurate) rather than drawing an analogy that if anything confuses us all further.

---the late great Donald Blake