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Subj: Re: LGBD, please clarify this dispute
Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2022 at 04:45:17 pm EST (Viewed 192 times)
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I was hesitant to weigh in at all. But I would like to ask some questions. And preface that in no way am I making any judgment at all on anyone's religious beliefs.

What is the pantheist view of creation? Was it a scientific event? Did it happen due to divine influence?
Do pantheists believe that at one point there was a God who was separate from the universe and conscious, who then imbued Himself/Herself (not sure what pronouns are appropriate) into everything? Did God then lose individuality and/or consciousness? Or is God in everything, but still a conscious spiritual force/being? Could God undo everything if God wanted?
Do pantheists believe in an afterlife?
Or is it that there is no uniform view, and that some pantheists will answer these questions differently than others?

If pantheists would say that there is no conscious God, and that there is no afterlife, and that they don't have a view on how creation happened, than it is somewhat difficult, for me, to wrap my head around the difference between pantheism and atheism.

I guess it all boils down to the consciousness of God, in the pantheistic view. If God is everything, but is also conscious, and can presumably enact His/Her will upon the universe, than I see a difference between pantheism and atheism. But without a conscious God, I am having difficulty understanding.

With all due respect.

You have difficulty understanding pantheism because it makes no damn sense.

Good job.