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Subj: Re: Institutional racism
Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2022 at 05:59:29 pm EST (Viewed 217 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Institutional racism
Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2022 at 09:25:00 am EST (Viewed 234 times)

    For context, per reports, the Latino kid was bullying other kids in the mall. What you see here is a black teen defending a friend by standing up to a bully. What you also see (contrary to the nonsense you say below) is the Latino kid point his finger in the black kids face, a clear act of instigating.

You are not entitled to push or strike someone if they put their finger near your face during an argument. Do you understand? That’s the law.

    All of this is immaterial though. Unless the cops were off somewhere with binoculars and saw the whole thing unfold, then there was no way for them to know what lead to events. From their perspective, two teens are fighting, with one (the noticeably bigger Latino) atop the other (black teen). You’re protestations that male cops just react differently doesn’t hold water for the simple fact that at no point was the Latino kid cuffed. What f’ed up interpretation of justice do you follow where you think it’s okay for a cops to see two teens fighting, tackle and cuff the one already on his back getting pummeled, while letting the teen who was on top doing the pummeling just chill on the comfy couch?

If it was two male cops, both would have been tackled. The lady didn’t cuff him because he was pointing at the other guy, probably saying he was attacked first and just defending himself. The male officer relied on his partner’s judgement to assess the situation, and so did nothing more.

    Here’s a vid of the Latino kid himself saying he didn’t understand why the cops reacted the way they did:

He’s just a scared kid is why, looking out for himself to avoid getting doxxed as a racist.

    This silliness doesn’t even merit further response.

Is it silly because it’s not true, or silly because I’m not bending to your narrative?