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Subj: Re: LGBD, please clarify this dispute
Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2022 at 09:42:58 pm EST (Viewed 203 times)
Reply Subj: Re: LGBD, please clarify this dispute
Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2022 at 07:36:31 pm EST (Viewed 211 times)

    But AGAIN you're moving the goalposts. You said the ROMANS thought the earth was flat. Now you've moved that back to the Greeks (Atlas is a Greek myth).

What the f*** difference does it make to my larger point: the people who believed in Zeus and the Greek gods had a primitive view of the cosmos, one that was not even solar system level?

I don't feel like debating you on what the average Roman knew about the Earth's shape, how educated they were, and whether the goat herders in the countryside learned in school that the earth was round. I'm willing to bet, though, that only the highly educated knew about the earth's shape; but that's just speculation.

    I hand you a defeat, and you move the goalposts to try to make it look like a victory. Not gonna work. I'm wise to your unethical tactics now.

    Atlas does not hold up 'the heavens'. According to Hesiod, Zeus' punishment was for Atlas to hold up the sky. Even later, they start to think of him as a being the heavens revolve around. But he does NOT hold them up.

Another dumb distraction. Atlas held up the heavens, the sky, or maybe his crusty underwear.

Read the first sentence, you endless debater of stupid points.

    You do understand that the 6th century BCE is earlier than the 2nd, right? By the 2nd century BCE the understanding was widespread.

"Pythagoras in the 6th century BC and Parmenides in the 5th century stated that the Earth is spherical, and this view spread rapidly in the Greek world."

I based my statement - that a round earth didn't spread in Greece until the 6th or 5th century BC - on the above quote.

Any other nitpicks I can clear up for you? This is all beside the point: the Romans (and people of that period) had a primitive view of the cosmos and how big it is.

    But then, I doubt you've been exposed to much of the textual criticism on Genesis, nor the position that most biblical scholars hold on it.

    Nor do you understand the origin of Yaweh, who was a war god in pre-biblical Judah (El was top dog in that pantheon, the equivalent of Odin or Zeus. Yaweh was equivalent to Ares/Mars). He doesn't become thought of as 'all powerful' or 'all knowing' until well after the earliest bible stories were written. The story retold comes from the period of transition. They'd begun to think of him as a 'creator' god, but they still hadn't given him the omnipresent/omniscient attributes of later stories.

The God of Genesis 1 created the earth, the sky, the heavens, the stars, the moon, the animals, humans (i.e. the entire cosmos) but he's not all-powerful? Really? How can that not be interpreted as a 'creator' God until well after the earliest Bible stories were written? Were people dumber in Biblical times?

    Okay, enlighten me.

    Was Jesus human, or divine?

Both. But he was first divine from outside the universe, and came in as human form. He's also part of the Trinity and so is connected simultaneously to the natural and supernatural. Those magic things he was doing (e.g., turning 5 loaves of bread into thousands of loaves) was drawing from a power outside the universe. This is totally different from any pantheistic viewpoint.

    But Jesus WAS god. (John 1:1 ...and the word was God). Extant within this universe, part of the canvas, not outside of it.

I addressed this above.

But wow. It is sad that you don't understand the concept of the Trinity or are being willfully difficult. He preexisted the canvas, jumped into the canvas, and remained connected to the Trinity while in the canvas.

How hard is this to understand? What's wrong with you? I know you hate religion and Christianity but holy damn. I don't know how anybody doesn't already know the viewpoint that I'm telling you.

    How can God be omnipresent if he's outside of the universe? This is an ABSOLUTE contradiction. If he's everywhere IN the universe, he can't be outside it. If he's outside it, he can't be omnipresent.

The Trinity! He's connected. You know: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? And how these three are one? And how the composite equals God?

    Okay. But how do you know that *you're* not misunderstanding what god is?

All powerful and all knowing

Stop being difficult.