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Subj: Re: The World Wakes up to a Land War in Europe
Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2022 at 06:59:22 pm EST (Viewed 307 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The World Wakes up to a Land War in Europe
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It’s all thanks to democrats and Vindman (who ironically is the primary cause of his people dying): No Vindman, no war.

Putin saw weakness and an opportunity, and pounced. Now, China is watching and could do the same to Taiwan. Under Trump, none of this would have happened.

Republicans are the party that confronts bullies, democrats just threaten to take toys away and not play anymore.

Biden is the first president of the 21st century to stand up to Putin's expansionism in any real way

Bush... A Republican... did not do much when Georgia was invaded.

Obama put in some sanctions after Crimea, but not much.

If Trump was really interested in keeping Ukraine safe, he would not have put a condition on arming them. The US has armed plenty of countries against enemies... often far more questionable Zelenskyy...and asked for nothing in return. That is how Reagan got us a a 9/11.

It is not even like Trump was asking for something that would make sure Ukraine would remain a loyal allies, he was asking for something for himself. So, arming them against the invasion Putin talked about as far back as 2008, was conditional for information to help him.

He froze US aid, how is that helping Ukraine?

Making it conditional in any way that is not ensuring that it does not bite America in the ass shows he did not care that much.

Trump also tried to reduce funding on NATO, an organization literally created to prevent Russian form invading Europe. Quite possibly the only thing that will keep Poland from being invaded, is Ukraine falls.

Regardless of missing the foreign policy point that we fund so much of NATO to keep them dependent on the US, it shows at best a lack of understanding of the mechanics of suppressing Russian influence. Best case. Worst is that he did not care.

Conservatives are even questioning our opposition to Putin. Tucker Carlson went on television and asked why people were even upset at Putin.

Josh Hawley is on record as saying he does not want US involvement. Admittedly, he represents a minority, but one that seems to exist primarily on the right.

Trump himself said that Putin should be allowed to keep Crimea on the campaign trail.

In August 2017, when Putin expelled US diplomats he said he was greatful

IN the summer of 2018, he refused to make a statement criticizing Russia for taking over Georgia.

Trump praised Hungarian Strongman, and Putin Ally Orban many, many,many times. Praising Orban in ANY capacity is not standing up to bullies. Other member s of the GOP have done that as well, and Tucker Carlson even had shows there. That alone proves your theory wrong.

He wanted Russia back in the G7. There is arguably a diplomatic reason, but it is defiantly not standing up to bullies. At best it is bribing them.

Trump was not fully in the tank with Putin as some claim, going against them on oil prices comes to mind. However, he was hardly someone who stood up to bullies o a regular basis.

I am not willing to say Trump would lay down for Russia, or stand up. There is no firm pattern to fully support either.

I Agree with you. Putin sees weakness, but it is not Biden. Biden went after him for the hacking. He was willing to screw over long time ally France to sell Nuclear subs for Australia's defense against China.

He sees the weakness that is the rot at the center of America these days. He knows we are so divided, we will never unite against him fully.

He knows that no matter what party is in power, the other will go against almost anything... at least in some capacity. Enough to at least muck it up.

He knows many Americans will do anything to be comfortable. He knows Americans have short memories. He knows they don't want to function as much as they want to win...over their countrymen.

He knows Americans pick sides, and don't think critically about what their side says. He knows the one true fact of Americans, no matter the generation, the age, the race, the gender, the political party, they all think they are smarter than everybody else... and that makes our nation very easy to manipulate and divide.

It has nothing to do with Biden. He knows the society is broken.

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