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Subj: Re: The World Wakes up to a Land War in Europe
Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2022 at 06:01:32 pm EST (Viewed 249 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The World Wakes up to a Land War in Europe
Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2022 at 02:49:48 pm EST (Viewed 293 times)

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    Everybody here should state what they think Biden should do.

    Me - He should (actually, already should have) built a coalition of freedom fighting democratic nations and coordinated to position the coalition’s forces in Ukraine. He, and the coalition, should make clear that the fighting will only occur if attacked, and will end when Russia ceases the invasion. The coalition has no intention of overthrowing the Russian government, only to stop their invasion.

Depending on the stability of Putin this could lead to threat of a nuclear war. He does not seem totally stable at the moment or honestly ever.

    That is what any decent president and leader should do and is so obvious to me. Biden, and the European nations, are sniveling cowards.

Just because it is obvious to you does not mean it is something that should be done or assuming that those that do not agree with you are cowards.

    Where do you all stand? Fighting like I said, or sanctions?

I would have supported as soon as the forces started building for the US and the nearest allies to start implementing sanctions. And then raise them as Russia increased actions.

I acknowledge that it would be harder to do that because it is easier to be reactionary to threats but sanctions seem appropriate to me, but I think I would have preferred to see the world scale them up as Russia was waiting to build up to it, so by the time it was happening they were already in economic trouble.

And if they did invade bring every hammer you could down and cut them off.

The downside with the nuclear sort of option, economically speaking, is it would hurt all the other countries to varying degrees too but would force Putin to see what he was against at each step of the way.

The downside with the approach now is that if Russia takes over economic hardship will not remove a puppet government.

I expected this kind of response from a democrat. Fearful that Putin will go nuclear, even though the condition I presented was that the coalition wouldn’t invade Russia or attempt to overthrow their government. Your fear is highly irrational, and frankly, is downright shameful as you’d prefer to sit on your hands while a peaceful ally’s citizens are dying.The president of Ukraine is urging its CITIZENS to fight. How cowardly to suggest anything but helping them fight. And if Trump was against fighting, I’d call him a coward, too.