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Subj: Re: Associations to certain musical styles or bands
Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2022 at 10:16:27 am EDT (Viewed 132 times)
Reply Subj: Associations to certain musical styles or bands
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I guess I've decided this board is the Music Board. At least for me.

Do you have your own unique associations with certain musical styles or bands?

For example, the poster known as "???" has musical associations to the various seasons.

I associate certain bands with the written works of certain authors. I noticed this about myself when I was in my teens. I found I wanted to listen to Led Zeppelin when I was reading the Dune novels by Frank Herbert, yet I wanted to listen to Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes album, "Hearts of Stone," when I was reading the Thomas Covenant novels of Stephen R. Donaldson.

I also associate certain bands with doing my own creative writing. Atrimus mentioned something similar in another thread. For me, 80s hair bands stimulate my imagination, with Def Leppard reigning supreme in this capacity.

How about you?

I generally associate Adiemus with high-fantasy, particularly Wheel of Time, some of the earlier Dragonlance novels, and my own stories.

Mostly though I associate music with certain periods of my life, which in part makes it serve as nostalgia inducing. Most of the New Jack Swing groups I listed below tend to remind me of early high school, while the Grunge bands remind me of late high school and my subsequent stint in college. All Star by Smash Mouth, All That You Are by Econoline Crush, and Steal My Sunshine by Len, all remind me of the summer of ‘99 and my very first full time job. I associate Somebody Told Me (by The Killers) with both the time I started dating my wife in 2004, and the time period leading up to my daughter’s birth almost a decade later.