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Subj: Re: The Democrat party's inability to hold together a popular coalition...
Posted: Thu May 05, 2022 at 08:39:23 am EDT (Viewed 226 times)
Reply Subj: The Democrat party's inability to hold together a popular coalition...
Posted: Tue May 03, 2022 at 07:36:46 pm EDT (Viewed 302 times)

    By triangulating the center (the Clinton way) taking for granted the like and the working class on the basis that "they have nowhere else to go" has found that it can less and less count on these groups to build a popular coalition. Abandoning populist economic policies while doubling down on culture war super ego scolding leaves them entirely weak and unable to accumulate popular support. Pair that with the fact that Republicans are generally better at cynical, byzantine legal maneuvers; the Republicans have a more coherent political narrative (however fictitious and ignorant); and Republican have an easier mandate to fulfill: prevent the public sector from functioning and "own the libs." Basically the New Democratic party as exemplified by Carter, Clinton, and Obama has been an utter failure at almost every level and is finally running aground. Now we're in the stage where it will either reform itself (because of confrontations by the electorate most likely) in time to save its own viability... or it will continue to lose until its inevitable restructuring. The speed of this, imo is generally based on the speed at which the terminal mass of liberal voters properly identifies the Democratic leadership and their political philosophy as the primary reason for the party's failure. That's my take at least.

I agree with this, although it is a function of both the Republican party being the way it is and not having a coherent opposing party against it.

I think one could also highlight that the way of American politics divided into two parties leaves an unfortunate choice. Here are your two sides, if you vote for anything else you are throwing your vote away and at this point if you have leanings one way or another you are more likely than not to return home to roost than not when it all comes together.

The GOP is without question better at messaging, PR and so on. It also seems that their base has been primed to seemingly be angry and rise up more frequently and long ago accepted perpetual expanding culture wars. Their legal strategies to me are partly based on cleverness and partly on success of putting in judges that are willing to accept them as well.

Really, this sort of political system is sort of doomed to failure at some point. Even with a competent Democratic party I would speculate that many people would still support the GOP although maybe there would be moderation in the party as opposed to gradual drift towards true authoritarianism.

Add to that, the democratic party as such, like you pointed out, has never really done anything to address much of the core issues at play (neoliberalism and what stems from it) and have sort of raced along the core tenants, although in general they have at least paid more lip service to the right thing than the GOP.

The GOP is also better at using political power to reinforce their own power. After retaking state governments they solidified power with gerrymandering, voting restrictions and so on. Not unique to the GOP, but they are currently more guilty of it in a way that dilutes actual democratic process while seeming to push for the system being undone.

All the while the Dems are too inept to do much about it and are hamstrung by members of their own party.

Look Raist bunnies...
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