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Subj: Re: I don't know how to read
Posted: Mon May 16, 2022 at 04:26:49 pm EDT (Viewed 182 times)
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        At least I can't read any more. Perhaps a lack of attention, but books, especially novels talk too much. I need my entertainment to "get to the point" and that seems to be something that "good writing" actively avoids. They want to "paint you a picture" spending paragraphs describing a desert for example.

      That's one reason I like sword and sorcery. As you say - it gets to the point. The sword-point, so to speak. The authors know and respect their audience, most of whom are fans of things like comic books, video games, action films, and tabletop RPGs.

    Depends on the writer. Robert Jordan with Wheel of Time for instance is crazy wordy. Tolkien is wordy himself depending on the book. Not to knock either because I enjoy them. Just is variable.

Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings are not sword and sorcery. They're high fantasy. Nevertheless, I still should have been clearer in what I said. I meant modern sword and sorcery. Some of the older stuff probably did get wordy. The modern stuff, especially from the 90s onward, is geared to an audience raised on video games.

Sword and sorcery typically features Ronin-type warriors, usually barbarians, who are anti-heroic to varying extents, and generally are quite willing to rob wizards or warlords, or enlist as mercenaries, or make a living as professional assassins, and who invariably come face to face with some sort of gibbering supernatural horror of a Lovecraftian bent.