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Subj: You do know why. You just disagree with the answer.
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The Democratic party is very flawed, but not sure why it is your primary target when the other party that is gaining power is worse in about every respect.

The thought that this is a failure on the Dems seems misguided, as most of the folks that are supportive of this sort of extreme views are not really reachable with any sort of moderate ground let alone a more progressive one.

I would tend to blame the people more who support Republicans as having an active hand.

But to each their own.

As a leftist...

The idea is that liberals have similar values to my own, but (I claim) the Democratic party power structure often doesn't share those values or stops policy that expresses those values. The Democrats say they want to achieve certain material ends. The point of discourse is to reveal how the liberal establishment often intentionally subverts progressive, democratic politics, or is to fraught with contradiction or countervailing interests to achieve those goals. With liberals it's possible in theory to leverage their supposed political commitments they say they have to the political apparatus that they've committed themselves to. I maintain the most important political project it terms of both significance and practically is to get liberals to join the class struggle and abandon the partisan culture war.

Generally speaking there's no point in pointing out that Republicans aren't sufficiently helping the poor or producing an equitable society. It's knocking on an open door. The only thing to do is defeat them politically. I'm open to rational discussion with anyone, but I don't share the same political values often with the conservative so one has to be more discerning as to when that's productive.

The point is if you're a liberal at this point you absolutely have to abandon the mode of apologizing for the corruption of the Dem party or always immediately comparing its fundamental flaws because they're better than the Republicans. If liberals actually care about winning, and not just being superior to the Republicans (an exceedingly low bar), they have to switch to a mode of reforming the party as a primary project. If the left and the rank and file libs join together they have the terminal mass to make the party be whatever they want it to be.

--- the late great Donald Blake