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Subj: Re: Trump getting raided by the FBI.
Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2022 at 06:40:38 pm EDT (Viewed 172 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Trump getting raided by the FBI.
Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2022 at 02:06:17 pm EDT (Viewed 210 times)

    When it comes to Trump, I will never be optimistic. If anything, getting raided probably makes him even more popular with his cult. At this point I think only his death will stop him from running in 2024 and even then, they would probably elect him posthumously. Because Americans are f'n stupid.

it is not stupidity, it is something far more dangerous.

It comes down to two things, America's massive ego problem, and a sense of community.

Americans have an ego problem, not conservatives, Americans. The idea of American Exceptionalism goes beyond just thinking America in inherently superior, it is seeped deeper the American psyche. It is Americans just naturally thinking they personally are better... right not matter what. A complete lack of doubt or self-examination. Even Americans who hate America often have this.

As such, Americans have grown to fight for their ego above all else. If they say something that facts prove wrong, they don't want to be right by accepting the new fact. Even if it is perfectly fair to say they were not offered the info before, they had to be right the whole time.

The Community element comes from an increasing isolation in American culture, but humans are social animals. We often still crave a sense of community, and politics is an easy way to find community in a world where more traditional forms comradery..that used to transcend politics easier... have worn away. With the internet becoming the new place people go to converse, that need for community mixes with anger much easier.

It should also be pointed out that this is America, a country full of people...left-wing and right-wing..that LOVE feeling like a victim. That is NOT to say there is not still very real forms of prejudice and victimization in the country that should be stopped, but there are also a large number of people who just like playing the victim, and feeling special and justified.

This is all compounded by fairly real and fair issues that are often ignored. Like economic realities and regions of the country, and the very real challenges they face often being ignored, or just outright mocked. That is a very easy way to push someone further into extremism, either through someone finally paying attention to them, or a type of nihilism, where you just want to take that aggression out on some group. That last part is commonly associated with groups like Neo-Nazis, but it is also politic for people who are not prejudice in any way other races, sexual-orientations, or whomever. Just hating Liberals and conservatives.

A problem that is facing a potential new phase of anger as the Southwest begins running out of water and begins to eye other states' resources. Californians have already begun floating the idea of pipelines from the Mississippi, without consulting any states that are on the Mississippi.

While the water is not directly tied to Trump, that type of anger and resentment towards other Americans is the type of thing that is easily weaponized. No, not even weaponized. The type of thing that people get trapped in. It also ties directly to some of the every shrinking idea of community modern society has,

There are plenty of intelligent people who fall into this trap. To think this is just that people are dumb is not taking it seriously, and selling the long term danger short.

It also makes it worse. Like I said, it is about ego on some level, and the human brain does all kinds of back-flips to defend its ego. Liberals and the Left probably did more harm than good constantly berating and insulting Trump supporters. A lot of them just dug their heels in deeper, because it is not just about being for Trump, it is about being against his critics. It just lets them play the victim, stoke their ego as the righteous underdog facing the slings and arrows of the liberals, an give them something to bond with their community over.

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