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This is a topic that comes up more and more frequently on these boards and on other places that things are becoming more political, more PC and so on and so on.

To some extent I may agree, but to me it has started to seem like it tilts too much the other way towards individuals that seem to be offended by anything that differs from what they think should be. It is their right to think what they want but at times it comes very close to being very ugly (racist, sexist, homophobic etc).

On another board I had a very long discussion and the best definition of the concept I got was that media was shoving certain ideas or lifestyles down people's throats and they had enough of it. Mostly they said this referred to making women like men in giving them male traits or normalizing homosexuality or LGBTQ things.

To me that seems odd, so whenever the media or movie does that, it is woke and will lead to failure if it does not delve there or is it only when an existing property is changed to fit there?

Like Ghostbusters (2016) I would agree falls under that to some degree with a gender swap with the lead cast, but I do not think that is why the movie was not very good. It was just not a very good or memorable film, but it is still there.

I bring this up only because it seems to be an overused criticism that I am not sure is a criticism. I mean the most recent example I have seen be somewhat hammered as woke that is quite good was Sandman. Opinions will differ but alot of the folks knocking it are doing so based on the most cosmetic or gay being icky perspectives.

There is just some irony about some groups that fight to be offensive being offended and so willing to throw out a blanket label.

I have seen it used a little with the She Hulk show but have not seen it yet myself to judge one way or another. I am sure it focuses on experiences some women have, and should with a woman lead.

To me, the word "woke" and its increased usage is an interesting look at how the internet is causing a bizarre effect on the real world.

It is a nebulous term that has been over used so much that it has mutated, and can mean almost anything.

For a hot minute it was a term used by some to hipster-adjacent folk mean they were understanding of other groups historical plights. Not a bad thing to be, but they were insufferable in how they did it.

This lead to the next usage. To describe often poorly written stories that were about characters who were minorities, female, gay, etc. God knows, there have been plenty of bad stories and characters with potential malformed, because it was more about making a point than using a good story with a potential message.
Not a bad thing to call out, but by not just calling them bad writing, it galvanized people into forcing it deeper into the culture war.

Then it was a scapegoat for anything people did not like. "RDJ is no longer Iron, it is because they want to push a woke agenda," ignoring the fact that he was getting older and more expensive.

Now you have politicians using the term, like Rep. Dan Crenshaw starting a hotline to report wokeness in the military, how would that even work? What does that mean? What happens?

DeSantis is claiming everything he does is against wokeness.

Yet, no one can give much of a definition, or what the opposite would be.

It has just become a buzz word, that is used by people who are angry but don't want to really explain why.

The closest you can get a smug attempt to push people into doing something, which I don't like, but even that does not always fit.

Wokeness and anti-wokeness often seem very similar and equally annoying.

Whatever it started as, what ever it was intentionally used to mock, it has just become something people say to galvanize a culture war, and get people on their side quickly, without having to explain a position. IF you can't or won't explain your position, all you have is falling back on emotion and tribalism.

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