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Subj: Re: The 11th circuit appeals court also rules against Trump
Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2022 at 03:53:17 pm EDT (Viewed 142 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The 11th circuit appeals court also rules against Trump
Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 at 10:01:41 pm EDT (Viewed 151 times)

    Yes I've been doing some research of my own.

    My one concern with the appeals court is that 2 of them were appointed by him, like Cannon was.

Sure, but from my understanding they rules consistent with the law. Cannon did not. Even if they would defer to Trump on some things they did the right thing here and tore Cannon up.

    It is good to see that they remember that they serve the LAW, not the person that appointed them.

    Now even if they do appeal to SCOTUS, the appeals court decision remains in effect and DOJ can proceed as they were before Cannon's....error in judgement. Will she have to stand before a judicial review board about this has not been asked yet.

I mean Trump could apply for emergency relief from SCOTUS. He has a higher likelihood of success on that avenue than he should but I doubt they even hear it if he appeals.

Judges are rarely held accountable on that sort of level. Heck, I do not think it was Cannon, but a few Trump judges were found to be bad by the Bar association and still got on the bench. I think the one judge that pretty much said CDC could not do much of anything and repeated the public transport mask mandages and making sweeping moves beyond that in her ruling.

Despite the fact that they were planned to be lifted in like a week or something so no action was required.

    Also one person calls their decision in legal terms a benchslap. Basically it translates to "You got this all wrong!"


    When appeals court says "We are unable to discern..." that means "Are you kidding?"

    SCOTUS is also not that likely to overturn the appeals court decision as all evidence supports the appeals court.

Yeah. Cannon's decision was particularly odd because the DOJ had a fair bit of evidence but she dismissed it all and sided with Trump on speculation with no evidence for any of it. She even said she gave him special treatment for no reason other than he used to be president. That should not matter. And the appeals court said as much.

    Also it seems Cannon is now walking back some of her previous ruling.

I mean when you are smacked that hard I am not sure she had a choice. Really, she was lucky the DOJ just went along with some parts because they seemed eager to strike her ruling altogether.

They were very skeptical of the special master ruling. Since she did not follow the law to assign on in the first place I guess.

    Also he was interviewed last night and claims that he can declassify documents by thinking about it.......

Yeah, that is wild. He also seemed to admitt he sent the documents to Maralago or something and the intent meant he declassified them. I mean having classified documents is bad but even if he did declassify them it does not impact the damage they could do or that he has no business with them like the Appeals court indicated.

I think he went on some rant about them looking for Clinton's emails or Russia info as well. Hannity even tried to stop him a bit from the rant.

At this point his best defense is that he is mentally unwell. None of his stuff makes much sense except maybe to his die hard followers.

    The media and comedians are having a field day with that.

    However, whether they were declassified or not doesn't matter. They are NOT his documents. They go to the archives and to whatever Presidential library gets set up.

Yeah. And the archives will work with a president to set up their library. Although I doubt Trump sets one up. I honestly am not the biggest fan of presidential libraries but they are whatever. They are interesting to political scientists anyway.

And like I mentioned above it does not impact the potential harm the documents could do.

The declassification argument is weird because they are still in the envolopes and there is no record of them being declassified anyway. This is a problem, even with his mind powers, because it would be "a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it" problem. It is why there are paper trails, so actions can be followed.

    Actually, I wonder if he will get to have a Presidential library with all that is going on. I remember long ago a political cartoon that showed the opening of Clinton's library and he was there passing out rose colored glasses for people to wear.....with this guy he should be handing out gold framed rose tinted night vision goggles.

I think it is a legit criticism of presidential libraries is that they are very slanted but one should know that going in I think. And Clinton really did nothing of particularly note compared to W and Trump. He was hardly a saint and he had some bad legislation that has had major impacts but despite years of investigations into all sorts of things the best they got him for was lying under oath about an affair.

Remember when lying mattered?

    Also in that interview, it seems that in my opinion, he has admitted to the theft and admitted that he hadn't declassified them

I thought so too.

    Here is the question that has been asked repeatedly but is not yet answered: WHY did he want them?

It is a good question

    My opinion:

    1. narcissism. To him they are trophies

I think this is at least partly true.

    2. ignorance of the laws and regulations. No excuse of course, but not impossible that he was ignorant of the laws.

I tend to doubt this one because there is evidence that they were warned before taking some of the stuff and given the sandbagging of the archives it seemed like they knew what they had and considered it theirs.

    3. Leverage

This is the other part IMO.

It is hard to know for sure but getting back at others and worshipping his image appear to be Trump's primary personality traits.

It makes no sense why they would want them and the DOJ case about the series of events are pretty damning. As it also seems like Trump and his legal team are obstructing and were obstructing the whole time. The National Archive even went out of their way for about a year asking nicely for stuff back until they only got some of it back and worried about what was missing and told DOJ. They got delayed so much.

Then after all of that the DOJ had to get a subpoena to get the rest of it, got a legal document signed that was it and then found out they were lied to and that it was not it and a fair bit was being stored in boxes in Trump's office. So they got a warrant and got it.

Trump got more chances than anybody else would on this and then runs to a judge, that should not have authority, to get his way by going to a loyalist. It was all a joke.

And the arguments they have had to this point in defense are to point the blame at the FBI (planted evidence), declassification, Trump has executive privilege somehow against the executive, he has special authority in general and other gobbligook that makes no sense at all.

That he even got away with it with one judge is a joke. I have lost alot of respect for SCOTUS and think they are going to crush the country in the end, but at all levels they were often concerned about national security but I guess this one was more worried about being fair to Trump.

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