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        His death is necessary to the logic of the movie.


        I don't think that's true. I think Starlord finding his father, and being at peace with it, was necessary. The emotional release. A father's death isn't necessary for a boy to become a man. Most of us don't lose our fathers until we're middle aged. Are we boys until then? I think what was more emotionally gratifying was Rooker's line that Ego may have been Quill's father but, "he wasn't your Daddy." That was the most important line in the whole movie(delivered perfectly by Rooker). Coming to grips with that bond, and then losing it immediately was foolish. It robs the viewer of anything more from that relationship. Especially with a good actor like Michael Rooker in the role. If the Guardians are a family, then why must the 'grandfather' figure be dead? No, I just don't see it as being necessary at all.

    With the situation with Yondu I don't think Peter would have accepted him as a his dad UNTIL Yondu died. Yondu was a crappy guy that Peter resented. But Yondu was much better than Ego. The death helped Peter put it in perspective. That as bad as Yondu was...he wasn't Ego bad. And they did have good times.

    But the revelation that Yondu aided Ego in reclaiming his other children and that Ego murdered them put Yondu in an unsavory light. Redeeming him via death was better than letting him live IMO. The Ravagers were right to cast him out He redeemed himself in death but if he had lived I still think they would have been right to wash their hands of him. Stakar's problem with him was that he led Ego's offspring (many or all of them presumably young children) to their demise means I'm on Stakar's side on that one.

    Yondu had to die to be redeemed. He led children to their demise and I doubt it took him until just before he met Peter to figure it out.

I disagree a little. He was redeemed a bit when he said no about Quill going to Ego and took it on himself to raise him. He did a crappy job, but he did save his life at the same time.

We are not entirely sure how Ego killed his other offspring. Given an entity like that, they could have just died of old age. I doubt it, but given the scale they could just be on the world and die off on there own and it amounts to the same.

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