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      groot was best part of the film for me, and also did like that Adam is now coming into the marvel films...

      We now have all but the soull gem Infinity stones, so assume that one for Adam?

      And does that mean Ego is actually a celstial as in those space gods, or that he is a celestial in sense of being Cosmic, like a Galactus could be said to be Celestial in that way also?

      Would be neat if somehow in Avengers movie, that peter in end can still channel somehow his power to stop thanos, maybe showing that Ego survived, but is now regrowing?

    I speculate that both Ego and some of the other Celestials are "working for" Eternity
    (more precisely, they might be the current avatars or embodiment of Eternity in the Multiverse).

    Ego would be the "brain" of the bunch while the other Celestials would be the "brawn".

    It is said that Eternity & Death have opposite goals. Eternity wants to spread life while Death wants to spread death. You'll notice that Ego's main goal in GotG V2 is the same than Eternity and that Peter Quill has seen "Eternity" whent Ego showed him what was "cosmic awareness".

    I speculate that Ego & the Celestials are the opposite of Thanos & Hela.

No one has said it but to me Ego in the movie more or less took the role the Canververse had in DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova/Realm of Kings/Thanos Imperative stuff.

Ego's scheme (just like the Cancerverse) is what happens when life wins and gets the upper hand in the universe. When death wins everyone dies. When life wins everything becomes one big interconnected lifeform. The universe keeps running only while life and death are vying for control. Let one win and the universe becomes a malignant cancer of a lifeform and if the other wins there is no one left alive in the universe.

I thought of the cancerverse almost immediately with the extradimensional alien the Guardians were hired to fight in the beginning.

Plus, he did create cancer in Peter's mom.

So I think there's definitely a nod to the cancerverse story.