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Subj: Re: my thoughts SPOILERS!
Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 at 03:48:39 pm EDT (Viewed 354 times)
Reply Subj: my thoughts SPOILERS!
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    Overall, I had a good time. Here's what's rattling around in my brain as I think about what I just watched...

    I REALLY wanted to see more of Ego as a planet. We saw the big purple-faced planet once, which was neat. I wanted to see it talk!

I liked the nods they gave to the comic version.

    Why on Earth did Gamora think it was a good idea to travel with Ego to his planet, just on that one conversation where he says he's Peter's dad? Gamora, of all people, ought to have enough issues with father figures to be wary.

I think she wanted Peter to be happy. She thought Peter was losing a potentially good chance to know his dad and have a relationship with him.

She may be more cautious, particularly in the past, but it seemed like her goal was for Peter to be happy. IMO, that is what she was looking for in that moment. She even said they would kill him if he was a bad guy. And they did.

Also, I do not think they could have stopped Ego if he took him by force anyway.

    Why did the Ravagers all go to sleep and leave Groot alone unsupervised? Did they not think he'd try to spring Rocket?

The Ravagers are not the brightest guys out there. Particularly the ones remaining after the mutiny. I doubt they saw him as any threat at all.

    Teenaged Groot was really funny. I'm glad they aren't keeping him as a baby any longer.

I am too, but it worked fine for this movie.

    Stan Lee talking to the Watchers was great. Kind of blowing my mind that they basically stated he's been the same guy in all those movies.

Did they?

    I feel like the writers forgot that Kurt Russel was just a physical manifestation of Ego. Once he figured out there was a bomb, Ego should have ignored Quill and focused on getting rid of the bomb. At that point, if Kurt Russel dissipated to deal with the bomb, what would Quill have done? I really dislike the "I've had these powers for 5 minuets, but because of righteous indignation I'm suddenly your equal/superior in using them" moments that come around in movies like this.

I sort of had that thought too, but it worked. I think the angle they were going for was that Peter was drawing from the same source of energy too. I do think that he would have lost eventually but it is not a trivial battle. And Ego was probably as shocked as anybody. Peter went from making a ball to fighting back.

When they made it about matters of the heart and memories that made it less about skill per se. So the depth of his love and hurt mattered more. At least IMO, at least how laid out.

My conclusion was that Peter was restraining him long enough for the bomb to go off. Ego was absorbed in the battle for the most part and also did not want to kill Peter. He needed him for his plans. Peter would likely be able to at least somewhat delay Ego from getting to the brain.

    I feel like Guardians is straying from the source material more than most other Marvel movies, with Yondu and the original Guardians/Ravagers, and with Ayesha and Adam. So far so good, but it makes me nervous. Sticking to the source material is what made the early movies work, in my opinion.

Without all the rights to things it makes it harder. apparently they did not even have Ego at first, but Gunn did not know that. They got the rights though.

I actually like Yondu in the movies better than the one in the comics. Ayesha was not particularly interesting but she was never a favorite of mine anyway.

IMO, it is not so much sticking to the source material per se as it is sticking to the spirit of the source material. I mean Yondu as such would not even be dealing with this version of the Guardians. I think he has through time travel etc. before but it is not standard.

    Howard the Duck was fun. If only they could have snuck in Cosmo...

Cosmo was in the first movie and had a picture in the end credits. I wish he would have his telepathy and telekinesis though.

    I bought the Nebula/Gamora reconciliation more than I thought I would...

I thought that they did that pretty well really. I think that Gamora has been more willing to forgive Nebula than the other way though. And this movie gave depth as to why that was the case.

And it made sense to me.

Look Raist bunnies...
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