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Subj: Re: Ultimates 100 - final issue
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    Interesting issue. We get to see Eternities from universes 2-3 and 5-6 (4 is missing). Galactus isn't reverted back to his normal self so I guess someone else will have to do that. The Ultimate universe Ultimates show up and are as lame as I remember...Ultimate Cap still hates France. The Celestials are resurrected by that cosmic lady from Silver Surfer whose name I forget (and seemed completely out of place in the story). The Maker gets in a good dis on American Chavez.

Maybe I'm missing something but shouldn't there have been a total of eight versions of Eternity referenced? Ultimates 2 #6 established that the war fought between the Aspirants and the "rebels" caused hundreds of new universes to split off from the pure essence of the First Firmament and that those new universes coalesced into a new, collective being, a Second Cosmos who was also the first Multiverse. Eternity's recent death and resurrection caused his change from being the seventh multiverse to the eighth multiverse. Later issues reaffirmed the idea that Galactus is the last survivor of the sixth multiverse and that the current Eternity is the eighth iteration of the multiverse. Meanwhile, the First Firmament is repeatedly described as being the first iteration of All Reality. So, there should be a total of NINE embodiments of reality: the First Firmament plus personifications of the eight multiverses, right? And yet, in this issue, "The Second" is described as being the "first of the new breed" and he and "The Third" even look like the first two multiverses depicted in issue #6. Did somebody miscount?

As for the Queen of Nevers, the current Silver Surfer series made it very clear that she was IMPORTANT (even if she'd never been seen before) and had a strong connection to Eternity. Plus, the fact that she was shown saving the last of the Celestials from Logos was something that was clearly meant to be significant and I'm very pleased that it turned out to lead to the rebirth of the Celestials.

Speaking of the Celestials, there are three things that I don't fully understand about their place in Ewing's cosmology. First, in issue #6, the First Firmament described how it created the first Celestial Beings which it named the Aspirants. The First Firmament then went on to say that "there were others" whom it described as "multicolored rebels" who wanted the universe to know growth and change and mortality. Later, on the recap page of Ultimates 2 #9, the Queen of Nevers stated that "it is said" that the First Firmament created the Celestials. So, is this a sign that Ewing is backing away from the idea that both the Aspirants and the Celestials were created by the First Firmament?

Second, if the Celestials were part of the original Universe and colonized the Second Cosmos/First Multiverse, how did they get into the Seventh Multiverse? Did they die with each of the first six multiverses only to be reborn in their successors? Or did they somehow bypass the death/resurrection cycle, perhaps stepping Outside of All Reality until the replacement multiverses were ready to be recolonized?

Third, the First Firmament stated that the "rebels" had evolved servitors they called "Omegas" in opposition to the "Alpha" that was the First Firmament. Who exactly were these Omegas? Were they the mortal creatures whose evolution the Celestials guided via their experiments? Or were they the Celestials themselves, the ones we've read about for years? The image in panel 1 of page 6 doesn't make it entirely clear. The only Omegas I've ever heard of before were the last survivors of a reality destroyed by the Death Celestials, as shown in the 2011 Defenders series. This Omega Council had secretly tampered with Reality-616, using Concordance Engines to strengthen it in the hopes that it would be able to resist the Death Celestials.