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Subj: Re: Question About The New Quasar, What Happened To Wendell?
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Reply Subj: Re: Question About The New Quasar, What Happened To Wendell?
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    Okay, so I know that there is a new Quasar, and that she is female. Okay cool, that actually sounds interesting. I read an issue or two with her (I think that it was the end of Standoff.), and I'm not really clear as to who she is, or how she became Quasar (Or why.). I know that Wendell Vaughn trained her. My question is: What happened to Wendell, and why did he stop being Quasar? The last time that I recall seeing him was during The Annihilators mini series. Did something happen after that, or did Secret Wars change something?If so, can anyone give me issue numbers. Also, is Phylla still dead? I thought that she deserved a better death. Thanks for the help.

Wendell was resurrected some years back in Rich Rider's ongoing series. He first came back as an energy being (i.e. he wasn't tangible) but was later reconstituted. Very briefly Richard Rider (Nova) became Quasar while he was dying/before Wendell was solid again. This was around Secret Invasion I believe when Rich's brother Robert worked at Project Pegasus with Darkhawk.

Phylla's still dead. Another lesbian has taken on the mantle.

I never felt Phyla got a fair shake as Quasar or Captain Marvel.