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Subj: Re: CBR Article about Avengers 4
Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 at 10:49:26 pm EST (Viewed 406 times)
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    They say it will be the finale to the Avengers saga but also leave the door open for new things.

    Well this is undoubtedly at least in part to the fact that some cast have contracts that END with Avengers 4 and they do not want to return or will cost too much to bring back.

They were actually pretty long contracts.

    RDJ has stated he is in it until it becomes too silly for him to be in it, ie: too old to play Stark. He makes money by the truckload off these movies, but I can understand if he wants to call it quits after Avengers 4. Though one last Iron Man solo movie would be nice...especially to help make up a bit for IM 3, but that's just me.

I think he will still be in them, but more like he was in SMHC than before. Sort of a cameo sort of spot more than anything. To keep costs down for Marvel, but to keep him involved.

    Chris Evans/Captain America: last I checked he's said he's done after the Avengers movies.

He did, but it is not for hostility or anything. He wants to move towards being behind the camera. So it is more a general career change. Or attempt at one anyway.

    Hemsworth/THOR: well three THOR movies, and 4 Avengers movies, he's probably wanting to end it as well.

He is likely the one most likely to show up again I think. He has said he would do another Thor and the director of the last Thor has shown desire to make another one.

Really depends on his price and what he wants to do I guess. Hard to turn down big paychecks though.

    As to anyone dying in Avengers 3 and big deal. The Infinity Gauntlet or just the time stone or reality stone on their own can undo any deaths. Look at Dr Strange how he reversed time in the final fight and restored all the victims including Wong to live. Strange says "yes I know breaking the laws of the universe." Wong responds after looking around and seeing he is alive again "DON'T STOP NOW!"

True, but I doubt it is something we see too much of overall. One has to think doing things like that repeatedly would have bad implications.

    The Time Stone could easily restore Mjolnir and Odin and Asgard. However Hela and Surtur would likely be restored by the time warp thus Ragnarok can happen again. However the Reality stone could restore Odin/Asgard/Mjolnir without restoring Hela and Surtur.

I would be against this. Hopkins does not want to be in any more of these. They got him out. I feel like they should let the Thor story move along. If Thor just has the Asgardians than they can go all sorts of potential directions with that.

    If they want to retire Captain America from the movies, the Gauntlet could warp time and reality and send Cap back to the past to be with Peggy Carter while keeping causality intact OR Peggy could be revived in the present, young and healthy and she and Steve can retire together.

    Tony Stark: the gauntlet could grant him his wish of making Earth ready for any invasion, etc. He wants to ensure Earth is ready for another invasion which was his motive in Avengers 2.

    It doesn't have to be all death and destruction.

No, but I think they need to be a bit careful with being too goofy with it. The Cap one is sort of interesting, but the others I would pass on. IMO.

Odin could still be restored, jsut restore Odin as a YOUNG Odin and thus another actor.

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