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Subj: This reply contains Spoilers from many of the later episodes.
Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 at 07:03:08 pm EDT (Viewed 106 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Netflix Iron Fist series getting bad reviews?
Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 at 01:30:26 pm EDT (Viewed 113 times)

    Nope. They were completely wrong.

Yeah, that's how I feel about it too.

    Yes, there are occasional lapses in their storytelling technique, notably in keeping their characterisations on track. Danny Rand in particular sometimes has reactions and behaves in ways that are absolutely baffling to me, and make little sense in the context of what he's been through in the last 15 Years.

There were a few moments that might have been a little off to me, but overall I think they did a good job with Danny's characterization. They made it very clear that he never actually dealt with the trauma of the plane crash and that his training(that he didn't even complete) tried to make him just bury those emotions and leave behind his past. His leaving his responsibilities at K'un-L'un behind added even more guilt and emotional problems I think. He really didn't know who he was or what he wanted to do with his life, which would make anyone act strangely at times.

    Apart from that, the series is very engaging. The pace IS slow, but that's ok. I like shows that spend some time establishing characters and plots. I don't need infodumps that sacrifice pacing just to get a few more bangs and flashes into an episode.

Very much agreed here. And I'm always pro characterization over action.

    If there's a problem with this season, I'd say it was lack of focus. With different factions of the Hand, different factions of the Meachum family and a visitor from K'un Lun whose motives are unknown there's just too much going on, too many sidebars. It might have been better if they'd left the Hand until season 2 and kept the Meachum family as the sole bad guys this time out.

Very much disagree here. I enjoyed the Meachum family scenes, but I don't think they would have been enough on their own to make this an enjoyable series. I think The Hand added a whole lot to the show. I really liked how the Danny, Harold, and Hand storylines were connected, with Harold manipulating Danny. Also, the Hand elements especially added to Colleen's development over the series.

    The very pleasant surprise of season 1 for me was Colleen Wing. Jessica Henwick absolutlely nails it to the wall. She makes Colleen by turns charming, strong, naïve, resolute, loyal - and a kickass fighter. Everything Danny Rand should have been but doesn't quite achieve.

Very much agreed again. Colleen was awesome! My favorite character from the show. I'm hope she has a great role in the Defenders series.

    I can see why the fanboys hate this show. There are few bangs and flashes. The martial arts scenes are quick and understated - the way martial arts actually are - rather than protracted and brutal, and the show requires an investment of time and intelligence that you don't need to have in your armoury of skills for watching The Avengers or the Flash.

Yeah, I was happy with the fight scenes. Way better than any fight scenes you see in comic book movies.

    And I wish they'd made a little more of the actual 'iron fist'. I desperately wanted it to leave a trail when Danny swung a punch, and the addition of a simple sound effect such as is often used in the comics would have added weight to it, given the illusion of a far more powerful force than they showed it to be.

It could have been done a little better, but I'm just happy they gave him the 'iron fist' at all. I didn't know how much they were going to try to downplay the more mystical elements to his story.

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