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Subj: Re: Legends of Tomorrow: Doomworld.
Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 at 11:25:01 pm EDT (Viewed 280 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Legends of Tomorrow: Doomworld.
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    I would dearly love to stop watching this show. Really, I would.

    But it's such a train wreck I can't take my eyes off it. A weekly s#!tstorm of terrible plotting and writing.

The show is awful...but I was delighted at that one line about Malcolm being right.

    And this latest episode has to be a new low point for the show. They've spent FIFTEEN EPISODES on the quest for the spear of destiny, building the artefact up as this powerful device that the Legion must never get into their possession and the Legends must protect at all costs because it can 'reshape reality'. FIFTEEN EPISODES, mind you.

    So in the 16th episode the Legion have seemingly won. The Legends are trapped in an alternate reality, and the spear destroyed. Checkmate, you'd think? Not a bit of it. Because Sara figures out how to beat the Legion and put the world to rights: Time Travel.

    That's right. You heard me. Time travel.

    Just...travel back in time to before the Legion won and stop them winning. Duh.

I was a little dumb founded by that revelation as well. You would think as time travelers that would have been plan A.

    So basically all the spear did was change history? Really? Because if that's true, then that's FIFTEEN WEEKS COMPLETELY WASTED.

Changing history is impressive. I mean I personally can't do it.

I guess you would think the spear would somehow be time travel proof or something. Maybe Eobard should have made himself god emperor of the universe since the beginning of time or something...but that would probably require a lot of waiting around I guess.

    Because Thawne is a time traveller. And the Legion can time travel. And it never occurred to these three criminal masterminds that they didn't actually need the spear at all because THEY CAN ALREADY TIME TRAVEL?

Eobard: With the spear of destiny I can change the past!

Malcolm: Wait. Don't you do that already every time you time travel? Are you telling me we wasted an entire season looking for a mystical item that gives you the ability to do something you already can do anyways? You've wasted our time.

Eobard: What? No I didn't. You're being silly.

Damien: Nuh uh. Remember Barry Allen's dead mom. The Flash you knew first didn't have a dead mom. He didn't have a dead mom until you changed the past.

Eobard: Oh right.

Leonard: He's dumber than you Rory!

    Which kinda makes them the Legion of Dumb.

    No one needed the spear.

    At all.

    For anything.

    And in a show about time travel where the protagonists can time travel, it really never occurs to the time travellers that time travel is a really useful thing to be able to do, and travelling in time might just solve all their problems until five minutes ago? Seriously?

    And the Legends are going to back to 1916? Why? Why on Earth would they do that? Because their earlier selves are still there and more importantly, the Legion of Dumb are there too. But the spear has existed for 2000 years, so why not go back to 1913 and dig up the field before World War 1 actually starts, dipsticks, or to 1900, or 1000, or whenever.

    Not that it makes a difference because altering your own timeline can't be done as you'd create a paradox which would...

    Oh, I give up. Really. This show is just SO BAD!

    FIFTEEN WEEKS (sob)!


Yes but RF needs the Spear to change things so that Eddie Thawne remains alive and thus he prevents his existence from being erased which is a major paradox in itself.

Also he is still a renegade time traveler via the speed force so the Black Flash monster would still be after him but now he is caged.

RF cannot just go back and save Eddie from shooting himself as that would also be a massive paradox effect, case in point the singularity/temporal storm that Flash and Firestorm had to deal with.

But the spear is warping reality on a more massive scale, similar to the reality gem from the infinity gauntlet.