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Subj: Re: Legion of Super-Heroes retroboot questions
Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 at 02:46:42 pm EDT (Viewed 281 times)
Reply Subj: Legion of Super-Heroes retroboot questions
Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 at 12:33:11 am EDT (Viewed 347 times)


    Ok from what I gather the retroboot version of the Legion more or less restores the Legion sometime prior to the 5 years later stuff. So I have some questions.

I believe you are talking about the current Legion, as reintroduced by Geoff Johns and later Paul Levitz? Well I will give it a go...

    1. Just how far back does it go? Did these characters go through the Magic Wars storyline just prior to the 5 Years Later stuff? I guess my main interest is whether Cosmic Boy's brother Magnetic Kid still died...for some reason that death always annoyed me.

I'm sure this question was a running one on the Legion-World message board as the Paul Levitz series offered few hard answers to whether LSH #63 was indeed the cut-off point before we are reintroduced to the team again in Geoff Johns' Action Comics storyline and among other apparent snags the fact that The Magic Wars saw the death of Mon-el, the metamorphosis of Blok, the end of Quislet, and that the aftermath to this catastrophe to the United Planets paved the way to the financial collapse and recession that allowed the Five Year gap that preceded the Giffen/Bierbaum relaunch.
I think the eventual conclusion, and I can't recall whether Levitz himself chimed in on it, was that The Magic Wars did happen yes but not to the same devastating outcome. So Sensor Girl still loses a good deal of her power, Magnetic Kid still makes the sacrifice that allows the Legion a chance at victory, and since it seems clear that The Pocket-Universe storyline never occurred in this altered history Mon-El never received the critical injuries that saw his demise in the final issues of the Baxter series.

    2. Where does Supergirl fit in? I think she was killed in the crisis prior to the 5 Years Later arc. So many events in Legion of Super-Heroes vol 3 have been altered I assume.

Well Giffen and the Bierbaums plugged that hole by introducing Laurel Gand, in the Levitz/LaRoque series however the question was left tantalisingly vague as as late as Legion #25 there is the running plot that has Brainiac 5 suspecting Sensor Girl to be a disguised Supergirl, who has somehow survived her historical death. We are later shown that Supergirl has a commemorative statue along with the other deceased Legionairres - see LSH #31 & 38. Both issues were published with the new Superman relaunch well underway so the suggestion may be that in Levitz' mind Supergirl was... what? From the Pocket-universe history? Or a seperate time-Paradox perhaps?

"Take it as you will" was the message.

    3. Where does the pocket universe Superboy fit in? Or rather how did things differ with the storyline where he was killed off presumably not happening? If the real Superboy had adventures with the Legion then there was no PU Superboy so he didn't have a funeral, a faction of the Legion didn't plot revenge against time trapper and the time trapper didn't get seemingly destroyed by the Infinite Man...and the real Superboy either did or did not continue having missions with the Legion.

That's all correct. In the short Adventure Comics series that featured Kal-el/Superboy and the Legion(circa 2009) Levitz did seem to be suggesting though that young Clark followed a very similar path the the Pre-Crisis and therefore much or all of those historical Legion stories could/did happen as you remember them. More or less.

    4. Garth and Imra's kids...one of their sons was Validus...that still happened right? But the twin daughters from the 5YL era never existed right?

That is correct. In the Geoff Johns revival it seems that The Magic Wars may have led to a shift in social and political attitudes that allowed the rise of xenophobia and made Earth-man's Justice League squad possible. This then takes the place of the possible future of the Giffen/Bierbaum run, which of course was originally the product of the collapse of the U.P. economy and the rise of forces like Mordru and the Dominator/Khund regimes before the likes of Glorith stepped in to take it all to a further extreme.
I think it was Graym who was Validus and somehow the curse either took on a life of its own or transferred to someone else. The continued existence of Validus was never addressed.

    5. Ayla and Vi. Where does their sexuality end up with all the rebooting and retconning. Do Ayla and Vi still like women or are they back to being heterosexual again? I think the gay thing came up during the 5YL suff.

Their relationship was actually suggested back in the Levitz/LaRoque years, around #22 as I remember it, and it quietly developed from there until Giffen and the Bierbaum's made it fully explicit. And Yes Levitz made it very clear that the two were still a couple as he took control of the 2011 series - an early filler issue with Walt Simonson as guest artist comes to mind as one example of a nice scene between the two.

    6. Element Lad...so is his girlfriend Shevaughn still a transsexual or is she back to being a real woman? He found out she used to be a dude in the 5YL stuff

Who Knows. I would think the simplest answer would be to assume Shvaugn is/was always female and leave it at that.

    7. Does Leland McCauley still have a niece (Celeste) or does she no longer exist?

Unknown. I don't recall McCauley being mentioned in the 2011 revival so it may be assumed that he is still out there and that Celeste, potentially, may be too.

    8. What happened to the real Glorith? I assume she wasn't the one on the team but her 5YL history never happened...but she existed prior to the 5YL stuff.

In the Giffen/Bierbaum storyline Glorith was originally someone who appeared way back in that Adventure Comics story and was plucked from obscurity thanks to the collapse of The Time Trapper and the paradox of his non-existence needing to be filled to restore history. This is returned to later on in LSH #53 as the bodiless Time Trapper returns from non-existence to confront Glorith and makes clear she was a minor player who thanks to a fluke was granted a chance to be THE big player. All of that became void with the Zero Hour event and a whole new Legion timeline taking over.
In the 2011 restoration we must assume that Glorith's fate was the same as in her original Adventure Comics appearance, though a young woman called Glorith and sharing similar abilities was introduced as a part of a new influx of young Legionnaires including Chemical Kid and Dragonwing. There was a running subplot surrounding her mysterious origins and what may have been a plot involving The Time Trapper, but this was all brought to a halt by the series' cancellation. It is unlikely that she was intended to be that Glorith however.

    9. Is Laurel Kent still in continuity with the retroboot? I'm assuming the Laurel Gands from 5YL and the post zero hour reboot don't exist anymore. Wikipedia mentions there was some version of Laurel that popped up with Kent Shakespeare from the 5YL era around 2011. So are they back in continuity or was that an alternate future that had nothing to do with the Legion?

I assume that Wiki entry references 'Legion of 3 Worlds', so take it as an alternate strand. The question as to whether Laurel kent exists is an open one as Steve Englehart's Millenium storyline is no longer canon, however all this might mean is that Laurel Kent was still a Manhunter sleeper but never activated. I take the view myself that there was/is a Laurel Kent and as with the revised Superboy history Geoff Johns retold her history might not be all that different to what it was intended as originally, after all we did gain glimpses of 30th century descendants of other 20th century legends, there is no reason Ms Kent couldn't be some distant descendant of the Superman family...

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