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Subj: Re: Legion of Super-Heroes retroboot questions
Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 at 09:40:22 pm EDT (Viewed 275 times)
Reply Subj: Legion of Super-Heroes retroboot questions
Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 at 12:33:11 am EDT (Viewed 343 times)

1. Just how far back does it go? Did these characters go through the Magic Wars storyline just prior to the 5 Years Later stuff? I guess my main interest is whether Cosmic Boy's brother Magnetic Kid still died...for some reason that death always annoyed me.

---> Magnetic Kid is still alive. He wasn't shown as a statue in Shangrila when we saw it post-52. With that being said, there probably wasn't a Magic Wars, or it happened differently. I believe the cut off point, according to Levitz, is the Great Darkness Saga. That's the last time Superman saw his friends.

2. Where does Supergirl fit in? I think she was killed in the crisis prior to the 5 Years Later arc. So many events in Legion of Super-Heroes vol 3 have been altered I assume.

---> Supergirl probably wasn't killed because, according to post-52, there was no Crisis. Parallax and Supergirl stopped that from happening, undoing Supergirl's initial sacrifice.

3. Where does the pocket universe Superboy fit in? Or rather how did things differ with the storyline where he was killed off presumably not happening? If the real Superboy had adventures with the Legion then there was no PU Superboy so he didn't have a funeral, a faction of the Legion didn't plot revenge against time trapper and the time trapper didn't get seemingly destroyed by the Infinite Man...and the real Superboy either did or did not continue having missions with the Legion.

---> No need for pocket Superboy when you have an actual Superboy.

4. Garth and Imra's kids...one of their sons was Validus...that still happened right? But the twin daughters from the 5YL era never existed right?

---> Twin daughters didn't happen. And both the twins AND Valdius still exist, so there's some separation between the twins and Valdius. Valdius is probably not Darksied's curse anymore. Or maybe he will be in the future.

5. Ayla and Vi. Where does their sexuality end up with all the rebooting and retconning. Do Ayla and Vi still like women or are they back to being heterosexual again? I think the gay thing came up during the 5YL suff.

---> They are a couple in Levitz's recent run.

6. Element Lad...so is his girlfriend Shevaughn still a transsexual or is she back to being a real woman? He found out she used to be a dude in the 5YL stuff

---> Shauvgahn took pro-fem in order to be with Elemental Lad in 5yl, but we do not know if she is still having to take pro-fem in the recent Levitz series.

7. Does Leland McCauley still have a niece (Celeste) or does she no longer exist?
---> Celeste is five years later and has only been in 5 Years later. If anything she's probably still human and not the "last repository of the starheart." But if we're to take that this is the future of Earth 2, then it wouldn't be out of character for her to be around since the Starheart is the "earth elemental."

8. What happened to the real Glorith? I assume she wasn't the one on the team but her 5YL history never happened...but she existed prior to the 5YL stuff.
---> I'm not sure what you mean, but she was in Levitz's recent run where she was an acolyte of the Black Witch (what White Witch became after she absorbed the power of Mordru). She was sent to the Legion for training and we're not sure what happened after that. What is also curious is that the Sorcerer's world still exists, so that means that there was no Magic Wars in this reality.

9. Is Laurel Kent still in continuity with the retroboot? I'm assuming the Laurel Gands from 5YL and the post zero hour reboot don't exist anymore. Wikipedia mentions there was some version of Laurel that popped up with Kent Shakespeare from the 5YL era around 2011. So are they back in continuity or was that an alternate future that had nothing to do with the Legion?

---> The Easiest explanation is that the Manhunters had sent a robot (with an elaborate backstory) to replace Laurel Kent and have kept her a prisoner until someone (possibly Kent Shakespeare and the LSH) could free her.

- l.k.

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