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Subj: So maybe it's right after Crisis, but before Pocket Universe...In effect, there's no Legionnaires 3
Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 at 12:34:10 am EDT (Viewed 219 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Legion of Super-Heroes retroboot questions
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    I believe the cut-off point is Great Darkness Saga. That was where they cut it off when they reintroduced the Retroboot Legion, and that should still be in continuity until DC says differently. And this was before the meddling of Flashpoint.

And where then would Sensor Girl fit into this proposed landscape? What about Karate Kid's stated death and Resurrection? The transformation of Shrinking Violet? The meeting and subsequent romance of Gim and Yera? Quislet's debut? The unexpected reformation of Mordru and Mysa's decision to stay on Sorcerors World with him?
It is entirely fair and accurate to say Geoff Johns took some liberties with Legion continuity when he reintroduced them after nearly 15 years away, but accepting that much had happened since we last saw them at the end of the Levitz/LaRoque series there is an equally good amount of leeway for him to do just so. Anomalies like Lighting Lad's new personality and Karate Kid's return from the dead appear inexplicable on the face of it, but if the idea at hand was for the Legion to have been driven underground since the last time we and Superman saw them then these hard times would explain some of the changes in personality and make-up that we saw.

    I think this is the most appropo cut off point. It ends on the Legion's biggest story. It is also the last and biggest Superman-in-the-Legion appearance until Crisis. You'd probably need to address how Quislet is a member, but even Legion of 3 Worlds seems to negate Magic Wars when you see Black Witch as the leader of the Sorcerer's World (which was destroyed during Magic Wars). Also, it is easier to keep "Great Darkness Saga" in print as one of the foundational Legion stories.

And in doing so you delete the Levitz/Giffen era just a half dozen or so issues in, as well as the entire Baxter series. I don't find that particular suggestion of a cut-off point logical or warranted.
With the Pocket-universe and its ramifications deleted from continuity events by the final years of the Legion's late 80s run are inevitably going to play out a little differently, and we can argue that perhaps 'The Magic War's would be best forgotten, though that's more a personal taste issue, but by no stretch of the imagination can we say that the Levitz/LaRoque series never happened at all!
Especially as all the evidence shows us otherwise...

Legionnaires 3 leads to Pocket Universe which leads to Conspiracy which leads to the End of the Legion and the reboots.

At the end of Legion War, Superboy Prime becomes the Time Trapper. This might have had bigger ramifications than we thought. When Glorith become the Trapper, huge parts of the Legion history are rewritten. What if the same happened when Superboy Prime becomes/revealed to be the Trapper.

All you need to do is change one thing. Legionniares 3 never happened. We never had Cosmic Boy go back through time. We never had him become Night Girl's husband. So there was never a honeymoon. There was never a reason for Cosmic boy to go to the past. We never get the reveal that the Time Trapper shunted Legionniares into the pocket universe.

Cosmic boy says that he sacrificed himself so that Garth and Imra could have a chance at happiness. Initially, in Legionniares 3, the Trapper targetted Garth as the "weak link." What if he targeted Rokk instead?

All the Trapper needed to do is stop his relationship with Night Girl. Maybe that's what is given up to save Garth and Imra's child. He gave up his love with Night Girl. This results in the Legion being blind to the Machinations of the Trapper.

- l.k.

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