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Subj: Re: Movie Adaptations....
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 12:57:29 pm EDT (Viewed 198 times)
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    Poring over recent high profile Superhero movie releases such as Man of Steel and Wonder Woman and it struck me that neither of these films, so far as I am aware, had a comicbook adaptation supporting them... which is an odd thing to consider if you remember the support given to the film adaptations in years gone by.

    Any thoughts as to why this move away from straight adaptaions might be? Perhaps the simple fact is the rise of instant online streaming and access to the films themselves has made producing a comicbook academic in 2017; after all back in the day the adaptation would be your only quick and lasting way to have an on-hand record of the films story and allow you to re-experience it. Or are there other factors worth considering here...? \(euh\)

I think adaptions might be fine for like animated straight to dvd movies. But I wouldn't want to pay money to go watch say a movie based on the Killing Joke or the Judas Contract.

If it's a complete work like Watchmen...well it was just an awful idea to adapt it so I can't even use that as an example. But they just shouldn't do adaptions.

I want to be told a story. Not retold a story with bad special effects and plots being dropped that leads to the characters doing things illogically to get to point Z in the narrative. I have Game of Thrones for that.