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Subj: Re: Doomsday Clock #2 - anyone read it?
Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 at 07:19:09 am CST (Viewed 267 times)
Reply Subj: Doomsday Clock #2 - anyone read it?
Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 at 09:38:47 pm CST (Viewed 273 times)

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Doomsday Clock 002 (of 12) (2018)

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:22:57 No.97818833
    Other than it being a tad heavy handed and "muh sacred cow", how is this bad exactly?

Well, it was more notable than #1. Which ain't saying much. Confirmation/Clarity of 2 universes helped a lot. Interesting bonus backup featuring "The Superman Theory" articles.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:23:54 No.97818841
    >>97818833 (OP)
    I dunno, I'm having a good time with it. Love the art.

No complaints with art.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:24:19 No.97818850
    >>97818833 (OP)
    after only two issues it doesn't feel like it has really gotten started yet

That seems risky, for ensuring sales.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:24:58 No.97818853
    >>97818833 (OP)
    I don't think its bad (yet), but I don't understand why Johns felt the need to create 2 new Watchmen characters

Mime and Marionette were pretty cool. Although, it Seems unlikely that they'd be recruited ATM.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:25:47 No.97818866
    >>97818833 (OP)
    It's trying way too hard to be better than its source material and Watchmen characters don't mesh well AT ALL with the mainstream DC universe.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:26:42 No.97818877
    Does that mime have actual powers? People seemed legit convinced that his invisible gun was real.

Seemed like a psycho kinetic to get out of those cuffs.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:29:04 No.97818908
    I really hope his weapons are actually imaginary and that he just uses them as a scare tactic, if some people reading it thinks that mime might have powers, maybe people in-universe thinks that too


    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:35:06 No.97818990
    >>97818833 (OP)
    I think it's pretty good Gary Frank's art has never been better. There's no nuance like Watchmen to it, it's just another fun event comic

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:39:35 No.97819042
    I find it ironic that right before we have Watchmen characters not-Rorschach and Ozymandias getting entangled in DC and specifically the Batman end of the pool....

    We have Batman suddenly a married guy, and his collection of "boys" suddenly diluted by the female bat-characters that haven't at all been crashing at his pad.

    You can tell me that's coincidental but I probably won't buy into it.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:40:37 No.97819058
    Geoff Johns seems to be unable to write with any subtlety

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:42:13 No.97819089
    Gary Frank was a nice get.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:42:39 No.97819093
    as it stands, it's just a poorly crafted Watchmen knockoff and we already have enough of those

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:42:56 No.97819101
    File: Don Knotts.jpg (86 KB, 600x456)
    Oh and the heavy-handed (Johns natch) scene with Ozy admiring Luthor's sudden and inexplicable collection of classical nude male paintings.

    It's Johns practically shrieking "LOOK, Ozy is totally the gay one! The billionaire super-athlete-genius with the "boys" folder! Not Bruce and his mansion full of "adopted" men! Nosirree, he's a happily married guy (all the sudden) y-yep!"

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:46:38 No.97819139
    I'm willing to wager that well within a year of Doomsday Clock being over, Bruce's preposterous marriage to Selina will have gone the way of death/mindwipe/dead-then-brought-back-mindwiped/Full Retcon.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:47:50 No.97819155
    That's some heavy subtext reading bruh.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:48:40 No.97819166
    This is a character who had to be raped into having offspring.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:52:04 No.97819204
    you're giving Geoff more credit that he is due

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:54:20 No.97819235
    No, I'm absolutely not. He's bought in characters from what is specifically a Deconstruction of silver age comics, into the very universe they are intended to be a commentary on.
    And he's hurriedly papered over Batman's end of that deconstruction by suddenly transforming him into stable Dad and Husband Guy.

    That's totally his usual level of "subtle" writing.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)21:59:20 No.97819297
    And since it (sorta) brings together Rorschach and Batman, that's more than enough to light up the sales to the Batfanbase.
    They are already gushing that the the two OC are CLEARLY Joker's parents.

Still, it was a decent first interaction with them. Is the anti-Batman protests new to this or crossing over in the Battitles next?

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)22:00:39 No.97819315
    Straight people don't ALWAYS want to procreate.

    Anonymous 12/31/17(Sun)22:05:54 No.97819383
    Just started reading it. I think its alright so far, hope they don't &^%$ it up

Wonder how that Nathaniel Dusk movie Easter Egg tribute went over with fans of the character?

    Anonymous 01/01/18(Mon)05:23:57 No.97824287
    >>97818833 (OP)
    >a tad heavy handed
    If Doomsday Clock was a person, they would have anvils for hands.


Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

I am for the most part enjoying it, however...

Look, I like Geoff Johns. His Green Lantern is Great, his Flash was incredible, his Thing mini series is sadly overlooked, his JSA was one of the best ongoing runs of the 00s.

That all having been said, I think the decompression is a sort of highlighted with this story.

I am liking what I am getting, but I don't feel like I am getting enough, per issue. Is this really 10 issues worth of story.

I am not one of these people who views Watchmen as an untouchable work, if you think you can improve on it, think go ahead. However it as denser. It isn't even just Watchmen, the average Spider-man comic was denser in content than most comics now.

I get that Johns started out in movies, and you kind of get how that effects the slower story telling.

The mentioning of Luthor and Bruce Wayne as the two smartest people was annoying. I am sick of both Marvel and DC labeling and ranking characters in terms of bast. That is just me, though.

That having been said...

The book is enjoyable to me. I see a lot of potential, and there are still 8 issues to go for the pace to pick up. I am not sorry I picked either issue up.

I like that Mime and Marionette are both Charlton character inspired, keeping with the original work. Punch and Jewelee. I actually did not know that until I got curious and looked.

I have begun wondering if maybe this has all been planned since Flashpoint.

I recently remembered that in that series, at the end, PAdora mentioned that the universe had to come together to confront "him,"

As far as I know his him never appeared.

Also, ending the line 52 issues after they start seems very coincidental.

Then there was the whole Before Watchmen thing the next year.

Granted this is all speculation, that I don't necessarily believe. And it is a huge gamble to do such a thing, and the loss of half their readershipwould certainly not be planned. Just playing Rorschach I guess.

I am a tad concerned that Jon Kent may be Jon Osterman in disguise. Of course, that is just paranoia.

I do think this is where the JSA will finally return.

So, yeah, pretty good, but needs to put more in by being more economic with panel use. That is just me though.

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