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Subj: Re: Dan DiDio has left DC Comics.
Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 at 10:11:39 am EST (Viewed 120 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Dan DiDio has left DC Comics.
Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 at 09:15:17 pm EST (Viewed 126 times)

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    I was never a big fan, but unfortunately I'm also quite cynical. I have a bad feeling that his replacement will make me long for the good old days of Dan DiDio.

You could be right, we will have to hope for better days though... it's all we want and all we can do to want better things to be coming.

In a sense, and on reflection, when I think of Dan Didio's management I can look at the naked and unashamed cynicism and meanness that powered the NEW-52 era and the optimism and return of hope that made 'Rebirth' so good to be there fore - so many titles and characters benefitted from Geoff Johns' management and input of 'Rebirth' that like many I was happier and more pleased with DCs output than I had been in some years. Somewhere after the first or second year though Johns' influence receded and Didio's once again ascended, and the line really suffered as a result. Today I have never been so disillusioned and bored with DCs output, not since the mid-90s have I been left so flat and deflated by what pap the company is satisfied to put out. And I have to lay that decline at Didio's door as Geoff Johns had shown so clearly what was actually possible and why it was the DC had been failing with the New-52.

I don't know whether Johns will be lured back to the chair and join Jim Lee in taking charge of the line, but it would be interesting to think as possible as these two could be just what DC needs to restore the vibrancy and quality to the line.

    To me his legacy will be bringing back Barry Allen unnecessarily, more or less neutering the impact of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Also in his legacy would be the New 52 fiasco, and turning the majority of DC's heroes into snarling jerks (but the latter might not be entirely his fault).

I agree completely with all of that.

    The one good thing he did (IMO) was giving the go-ahead to bring back Hal Jordan, even though I think Geoff Johns' run should have ended with Hal dying/being permanently retired, thus giving the character a truly great send-off instead of what they did to him in the 90s. I liked Kyle Rayner but Hal and the Guardians had to come back if only to erase the mess that was made of them in 1994.

I agree here too, it had irked me that for all of the talk of Kyle Rayner being a fresh slate Ron Marz and Kevin Dooley had no ideas whatsoever on what to replace the rich history and props of Hal's era with. All of that destruction and pain they inflicted and they showed they had no real plan at all for Kyle's new dawn, it just walked along on predictable lines and added nothing much at all to the mythos other than some welcome new villains.
How telling that they so quickly began to revisit the concepts they so completely destroyed - the Corps, the Manhunters, Hal, Power Rings, OA... in a sense it was a product of that era, the mid 90s where deconstruction and desperation overwhelmed all else.

DC has the best old time characters, their Trinity, add in GL, Shazam, Joker, lex, really no reason to have so many reboots, nor go that ole new 52 route!

Just get better writers and especially editors!

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